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#1 polska1970


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Posted 09 February 2016 - 01:01 AM

Creating an SEO can be very confusing as well as complicated. If your SEO is not created properly, you will not get recognized as much in the search engines. Avoiding some of the more common mistakes can help you get noticed and possibly even get your internet marketing at the top of the list.

1. Avoid targeting the wrong keywords
-This is the most common SEO mistake that is even made by the experts. This usually occurs when you are trying to create more descriptive keywords that describe your website but the words you use are not the words that most people search for. You need to be sure to choose the correct SEO keywords as it is one of the most important factors in creating your SEO. You can either make or, worse yet, break your SEO campaign by this one simple mistake. There are software tools available that can help you create your keywords. One of the most popular is Website Keyword suggestion.

2. Do not ignore your title tag
-Leaving out your title tag is another common mistake that is also made by the experts. This is the most important area of your SEO to have your keyword. This will show up as the title of your website in the search engines.

3. Using a flash website that does not contain HTML
-A flash website may appear appealing to you but it is not appealing to users, or even search engines for that matter. If you still prefer to use a flash website be sure that you include an HTML version of the site.

4. Using Java Script Menus
-Search engines do not recognize Java Scripts and therefore should be left out. If you do happen to have certain portions of your website that do contain Java Script you will want to create a site map.

5. Do not forget Consistency and Maintenance
-Against popular belief you cannot create an SEO and forget about it as it will not last forever. If you want your website to continue to be popular you will need to provide both consistency and maintenance regularly. One important aspect of this is keeping an eye on your competition and changing your keywords accordingly.

6. Do not concentrate too much on your Meta Tags
-Meta tags are becoming a thing of the past and therefore it is better to begin leaving them out for best results.

7. Do not use only images for your headline
-Search engines do not primarily search for images so avoid these at all costs. If you still wish to use an image as a headline be sure to add keywords to your title as well. This will improve your chances of having your site noticed.

8. Do not ignore your URL's
-If you have a URL in your title you will then have an edge over your competitors. This is often left out but is a great way to get your site seen by more people as it ranks higher in the search engine.

9. Avoid backlink spamming
-Make sure your backlinks are of quality and not just spam as a way to add more keywords. This will only lose your search engine rank.

10. Avoid having a lack of related keywords in your content
-The more related keywords you have in your content the higher on the search engine you will appear. Make sure though that you place them only in places that will make sense. You can even bold or highlight them to make them stick out. If you do this you will improve your rank on the search engine.

Realizing these simple but common mistakes and how to correct them can help you create an awesome and well noticed SEO.
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#2 interior environmental

interior environmental

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Posted 13 February 2016 - 01:03 PM

Very good information!

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#3 jonjenkins


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Posted 18 March 2016 - 04:04 PM

Looks like some good advice. When I'm writing articles, I tend to just write what comes naturally, and sometimes add a few extra keywords when I remember. Try and keep it fairly natural, and don't stuff too many keywords in there. It's not just for the benefit of Google; hopefully, some real human beings will be reading your content!   :D

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#4 ansgar


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Posted 26 March 2016 - 06:34 AM

Leaving out your title tag is another common mistake that is also made by the experts.


Someone who isnt using title tag IS NO EXPERT.... He is not even a beginner... Because Title, Tags, HEadlines and Image Alt-Tags have been important on-page SEO since the beginning of search engines. So someone who doesnt add a title tag with his main keyword actually knows NOTHING about SEO.


I agree with Your strategies but I doubt that they are enough to get a high google listing, because on-page optimization is what most people get right. Because it is so easy and has become less important...


But to rank high ( at least for keywords with competition ) You will need to do a lot more nowadays. Google has changed the way it ranks sites dramatically and today they are looking a lot less at your backlinks and on-page optimization. What You need today is a natural looking amount of social shares and... TRAFFIC.


Today google measures how long a visitor stays on your site, which actions he takes ( clicking links, watching a video... etc. ). The more people actually spend time on your site the higher google will rank it, because that shows them that people are actually using your site. If You only get visitors that will leave your site after 20 seconds then google will think your site is not worth visiting... This is one reason why I would never add my main website to a traffic exchange....


There is a site called PandaBot.net that offers a tool to increase these metrics. I dont know if it is still free.. used to be...

You will get a tool that goes to google, performs a search and then visits other pandabot users websites and clicks on some links etc... This way You can increase your traffic and the average time a user stays on your site, the number of pages he visits on your site.... You can also exchange social signals like FB likes or tweets via this system.


Be aware though that this is NOT a numbers game anymore... You will NOT rank if You have a site that gets 100 visitors a month but 10.000 FB likes in the same time. IT MUST LOOK NATURAL. So in this case a site with 100 visitors and 10 - 20 Likes would rank better because Google will know that the 10.000 likes are faked...


The best way to get a good search engine listing today is to build the site for the users, not the SE spiders... If more and more people come to your site and USE it then google will automatically realize that people love your site and give You a better ranking. Because that is their ultimate goal. To present the users a list of sites that they will love!



Creating an SEO can be very confusing as well as complicated

        No it's not.... You just need a boy, a girl and a warm bed.... And creating AN SEO can start...  :)

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#5 Guest_Paul Nulty_*

Guest_Paul Nulty_*
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Posted 27 March 2016 - 07:24 PM

Some interesting posts here, I always use related keywords and social bookmarking for my SEO - When people search for something using any search engine they are expecting to find related content, I don't see any point in using keywords non related it does not help anyone!

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