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#1228 What is MarketingCheckpoint?

Posted by Matt Koshko on 24 January 2014 - 12:22 AM

By being a member you can participate in:

  • Discussion topics around business, marketing, and related subjects (and unrelated)
  • Earn 250 points for participating in discussions (each topic or reply)
  • Publishing and viewing events (in the calendar)
  • Advertise through banners
  • Advertise through email ads using earned points or upgraded account.
  • Earning points by opening email ads
  • Selling digital products in the marketplace
  • Earning commissions referring members to MarketingCheckpoint whom buy a membership or banner ad
  • Networking with other members by adding friends
  • Becoming an authority through building trust and loyalty

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#5460 Posting Guidelines for Program Threads

Posted by Darren Olander on 01 June 2016 - 11:16 AM

Only one discussion thread (topic) will be allowed for each program. 

Use the search function in the top right to make sure no discussion has already been started for a program before you start a new topic for that program.


New programs must use the following Title Format without your affiliate link:

Program Name - URL


For example, if I was listing Marketing Checkpoint it would look like this:

Marketing Checkpoint - marketingcheckpoint.com


Only the first post (topic starter) can include an affiliate link in their first post. Affiliate links in replies are not allowed.


If you are posting a new program, make sure to include at least one paragraph explaining the program.


To be fair, do NOT post programs that are not open for accepting members yet. The first topic starter after the launch will be accepted.


NEW TOPICS in this part of the forum will be moderated and must be approved first.


If a topic shows (Archived) in the title then it means the program is closed, you should not attempt to join or make payment to such programs.


Thread Bumping is Not Allowed


Due to users generally feeling negatively towards "bumping", the act of replying to a thread with no significant news or discussion just to bring the thread to the top of the discussion list, it is no longer allowed.


If you are unsure if you are "bumping" a clear indicator is that you are replying to a thread where you are already the last person to reply, creating a chain of replies yourself.  This is NOT allowed.

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#2822 Earn 250 Mailing Points Per Post! Plus more updates.

Posted by Darren Olander on 22 May 2015 - 09:54 AM

I've now increased the amount of mailing points you earn for each forum post to a massive 250 points! It's the same for all membership levels. Before this, the max you could earn was 30 and that was with double points for posts which we were giving to active posters. I've removed the double points because I feel it is unnecessary, and much easier to say everyone earns 250 points per post! With the 15-30 points per post it would take someone much longer to earn enough points to send a mailing. Now there will be more mailing volume, but it also means you can earn your own sends much easier. 


Upgraded members still get the benefit of not requiring mailing points to send their mailings. 


The upgraded level is also changing. I am removing the Gold level until we grow to support a higher volume of free sends for that level. The only upgrade that will be available now is the silver membership, which can send a FREE mailing to 1200 members every 48 hours. Any additional you can reach with points.


All members also earn more points for every email ad you read - you will be randomly given between 30 to 60 points per email ad you read.


What do you think of this change? Let me know!

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#4068 Introduce yourself

Posted by market101 on 25 September 2015 - 09:21 AM

Martin here,


Retired after 40 yrs of administering anesthesia.  Still like to dabble in hypnosis.  Have been on line over 20 years and find marketing fascinating. California is home for me and my wife.


I spend 1-2 hours a day testing new sites.  I try my best to weed-out the scams.  When I find a site that meets my criteria, I test it a few more days to see what kind of response I get and then I recommend it to my private list called, the  "Active Players List"


My criteria can be seen here:        http://sensible-mark...g.blogspot.com/


My fav saying:  "Emotions are stronger than intellect".

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#5552 Inspiration, Motivation & Quotes

Posted by captkirk on 01 June 2016 - 02:46 PM

Hi Darren,


Here's one of the ways that I start my morning by listening and watching Motivation videos on youtube:


Mindshift - Motivational Video - Viewed 5,614,911


There's a whole series of them listed on Youtube.


I listen to them while I'm posting ads. :ph34r:


Frankly, this give me an unfair advantage over most marketers. :P

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#3317 Traffic Exchanges

Posted by John Bell on 26 June 2015 - 06:18 AM

I am going to be blunt here and I do not mean to offend. After all, I do still dabble with TEs, but I really do not see the value in Traffic Exchanges. I have tried for years now to understand how and why they survive and for the first time I have read someone make a comment that kinda makes sense. None-the-less, it all still mostly seems to me like everyone promoting the same old offers with perhaps the occasional unique and worthwhile product or service.

Of course it has to be said though that there are also some very clever and innovative Traffic Exchanges that have stepped beyond just surfing for credits. My big concern as a paying advertiser would be am I getting my monies worth if people are just mindlessly clicking for credits to promote their own offers.


Maybe I am missing something still...


I can see why you would think that, I often too wonder how they are able to bring advertising results, yet they still do.  My business generated $250,000 in sales last year, and other than a few safelists, virtually all of my paid advertising was in Traffic Exchanges.. so although as an advertiser sometimes it does defy logic, and I think know there are some traffic exchanges that will never give me a return, and some ads that I can never get a return on, in general it is still effective.


This year my paid advertising has expanded beyond just Traffic Exchanges because I want to reach a larger audience, however I still am unable to beat the ROI I get from Traffic Exchanges, however I do also attribute most of this to the fact that the majority of the advertising I am getting is free from referrals, so my actual advertising cost is much lower than if I had to pay for every visitor outright.


To be frank, most traffic exchanges will not provide the value if you spent the money on the credits, a lot of them have adopted a business model of creating a community and connections, using the advertising platform as the vehicle - and have been able to provide a lot more value to the members through this than the advertising itself, and a lot of traffic exchange users are paying for the things that come along with being in that club, rather than buying the advertising itself.


As far as everybody promoting the same offers, that's true for everything.  99% of TV Commercials are the exact same thing, 99% of previews for movies are the same format.. most of the criticisms I hear about Traffic Exchanges, while generally valid, really apply to paid advertising as a whole.


Regarding people mindlessly clicking and ignoring your message --- good, your message isn't for those people.  Let them click mindlessly for years and get nowhere, they aren't there for you, and that's ok.  How many bottles of Tide laundry detergent do you think a single Tide commercial sells?  Sitting at your home, watching TV.. nowhere near a situation where you are actually looking to purchase Laundry Detergent, and most likely you already have a favorite anyway.  MOST people are going to ignore it, and that's ok.  You don't need MOST people to react to your advertising.. you really only need a couple people who your product REALLY speaks to get interest, then let the power of your product do the rest.  Finding that person who responds to your ad is way better than trying to get everyone to respond - because people who don't need it and respond, don't stay. People who need it and respond, tell their friends.



Big Picture : There's really only two ways to market a company that are semi-viable.


1) Content Marketing -- creating content that your customer values, providing value in good faith that the trust relationship being built will lead to sales.  Content Marketing is a very long-term play given the nature of the methods it is found - search.


2) Paid Advertising -- Buying up ads to get your message out.  The Paid Advertising is a short-term play, you buy an ad and it shows up right now.


Both strategies really work hand-in-hand.  Content marketing is of course going to be more effective, but it'll take 2-3 years to really scale, to have enough content that enough people are coming to you. The major downfall of Paid Advertising is that it is a business of interrupting people, and people generally don't like to be interrupted.


Traffic Exchanges have a distinct advantage in Paid Advertising in that it's not actually interrupting anyone, when a person surfs they know exactly what they are getting themselves in to, they know they are about to look at an ad - and choose to do just that, so the traditional failure of Paid Advertising -- which is interrupting people who don't want to be interrupted -- is why Traffic Exchanges have remained effective.


Another reason why they remain successful and popular is simply that you can do it for free or very low cost, a lot of new businesses just don't have the budget to blow $3,000 on facebook ads just during the learning curve of figuring out how to make an ad that works.


These two methods can work very much in tandem, and the people who combine them are the one's who dominate in Traffic Exchanges, and it works simply by creating materials you would for Content Marketing, and advertising that content.


Knowing that most people who are using them are beginning at business and aren't running on their 4th round of angel investors getting a $8 Million valuation, you can narrowly understand who your audience is.


The next step is to create content specifically for them.  Think about the problems and solutions that you might have had when you first started your business.. you needed things like hosting, an autoresponder, and to expand your advertising efforts to increase your reach.


Now you take the content marketing approach of creating meaningful content regarding those subjects, the most effective I've found is creating a full-fledged membership site built around the topic, and offer training and consulting on how to do it effectively.  The trick though is that it really needs to be free, valuable content.. allow the sales to happen on the back end for what you are REALLY trying to advertise.. this website or email series needs to be specifically designed to give information, provide value, and build trust.. so that when you do get that point where you work for a purchase, the barriers will have already been dropped, and they can purchase with confidence.


You're at an advantage in Traffic Exchanges in that you already have the viewers permission, people build entire sales funnels around the concept of trying to get someone to tell you it's ok for you to try and sell to them, but with a Traffic Exchange they gave you that permission as soon as they hit the surf button -- they KNOW when they click that button that they are going to be sold to, and they did it anyway, so now that you have your foot in the door, you can really turn up the volume on the value level, and begin building trust... providing free valuable content will build that trust, and using paid advertising ramps up the distribution of that content, and creates sort of a one-two punch.


You're right in that Traffic Exchanges won't work for most people... and neither will facebook ads, twitter ads, adsense, or putting a banner on a blog.


However when you give that sort of specific, long-tail content that brings direct value to the audience you want - then Traffic Exchanges do work.. and so does facebook ads, twitter ads, adsense, and putting a banner on a blog.

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#17435 A Warning To All Safelist Users

Posted by rpsmith on 15 November 2017 - 08:33 AM


If you use safelists, I am posting this for you. There is a scam that is online where you (the intended victim) suddenly find yourself looking at an official looking webpage (It could look like it came from Microsoft or your Internet Provider) with a loud and repeating warning that your system has been infected with some sort of virus. Furthermore, it instructs you to call a number to have it removed.


DON'T CALL THAT NUMBER AND DON'T PANIC! It's all a scam! To clear the page and the annoying alarm hit the ESC key. To be on the safe side, You can log off and run your virus scanner just to make sure! (I can't emphasize the importance of keeping your virus scanners up to date).


It is important to remember that these pages are set up to get you to panic. To the uninformed, they are very effective.


The reason I post this is to warn everyone of these pages and what NOT to do. I ran across one a few days ago and then again two days ago when I was working through some ads in one of the safelists I belong to.


To Your Success!

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#7256 Don't Forget To Add Your Website To Your Forum Profile and Sig File

Posted by captkirk on 28 August 2016 - 07:53 AM

Hi Fellow MCP Members,


Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...


Don't forget to add your website to your forum profile and Sig File.




Because I visit ALL members profile and Sig File to see what they're promoting or offering.


Wouldn't you want a Top Marketer like me promoting your site?


In the past, I have found new sites that I started promoting and attracted other top promoters...


Again, Don't forget to add your website to your forum profile and Sig File.

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#4651 Community Rules

Posted by cocheck on 01 January 2016 - 10:37 AM

Great guidelines. Works for me :)

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#3117 Weekly Newsletter

Posted by Darren Olander on 08 June 2015 - 04:34 PM

There will now be a weekly newsletter sent to your email address every Monday to highlight the top topics for the previous week. The first one was sent out today. This is an opportunity to get your high quality content broadcasted for all to see :)

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#7502 Zubee Rewards

Posted by Darren Olander on 06 September 2016 - 03:54 PM

I'm happy to announce that Zubee coins have now been added to Marketing Checkpoint. If you are just joining us from Zubee Zone, welcome!


Zubee Zone is a reward system where you earn "Zubees" and then can redeem them in the marketplace. Here at Marketing Checkpoint you can earn the Silver coin by logging in, Gold for Sending an Email Ad, and Diamond coin for making a forum post. Once you've done each task go to Zubees from the menu to claim, you can claim each once per day.



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#7055 A quick intro..

Posted by JonnyTGood on 18 August 2016 - 05:57 PM

Hi everyone,


Iv made a few posts here and forgot to introduce myself. :)..

My name is Jonny and iv been online marketing for around 4 years now.


I have never limited myself to any certain area of internet marketing, and am always open to take on new money-making methods.


If you want to connect and/or share some ideas etc, let me know! :)


p.s. This site is pretty awesome. ;)







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#5476 Posting Guidelines for Program Threads

Posted by Moontreeltd on 01 June 2016 - 12:02 PM

This is awesome, Darren. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share and maybe get a few referrals in the process. :)

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#4768 Community Rules

Posted by Phyllis Wolfe on 20 January 2016 - 10:27 PM

Thank you Darren

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#4048 Introduce yourself

Posted by Guest on 23 September 2015 - 04:38 PM

Hi I'm Paul,


I live in Scotland, U.K. and have been dabbling with online home business strategies since around 2003, I got in to the world of Finance in 2007 and experienced the housing market bubble and the stock market crash in 2008 which affected my business and since then I have been trying and testing various different income strategies.


I like to learn new things, meet new people and also share ideas. Since I started my online adventure I have made lot's of new friends and business associates, feel free to send me a friend request so that we can share some business ideas.


To your Success, Good Health & Financial Prosperity!


Paul Nulty

Business & Lifestyle Coach


P.S. My only regret in the last 10 years of marketing is... I wish I had found this sooner! The Own Your Life Plan

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#24100 Had Scott Douglas paid anybody lately?

Posted by Maryanne Myers -Webstars2K on 13 July 2019 - 03:08 PM

If someone isnt paying commissions for MONTHS but the site is still up then you arent going to get paid. I dont know who he is, but seems like another on the list. I have been hearing about this person, mathew graves and john bell for months to the past couple years - and even longer now. Many, many owners are not paying anymore it seems like.


It pisses me off even more today than it did 6 months ago, a year ago, 2 years ago... because me and a load of other owners pay their dues to people, despite paypal and whatever problems. Plus answer support tickets.


And I see so many promoting and buying from them still... still.

They dont deserve it as they dont do the work to deserve the time & money affiliates put into what they do! (aka members)

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#19641 Propaganda about TE's being DEAD.

Posted by Maryanne Myers -Webstars2K on 02 July 2018 - 03:54 AM

I've been seeing, in a certain part of this arena, that they are saying "TE's are Dead" or that they "will be in a year" or "dying".


It is propaganda.


It's THAT part of the arena that has been squashed.


..."that part" meaning this closed off, cultish, small part of the arena that was separated from the real internet marketing world out there. Their followers follow every word of their teachers, webinars, false knowledge and even false history of how long they have been in business or the false level of success that they had in the online world before 2010-2016.


In those years, that part exploded in which alot of people moved from being affiliates of sites and programs...

to being sudden site owners and so everyone and their momma had a TE or a mailer.

But they werent told that having a carbon copy of a script, or even partially 'custom' modified, and competing with 1000 other sites .. that it would be an eventual problem. Believe me, it is NOT the first time it happened. A script has been sold to death before.


On the other end, people were also told to invest into trafficmonsoon, collect badges, collect coins, surf for pennies, and basically whatever made them money, they told their followers to do it - and they did because they had respect for them - based on FALSE history told, and/or schmoozing.


Back to the scripts:

The same site script being sold over and over again ... just with a different domain name, theme and graphics. Of course it was severely downgraded ALREADY before ppal and monsoon happened, in that part of the arena or "industry" as they call it.


It just made the scripts sellers, 'launch manager', badge and coin collecting sites, etc a lot of money.... then they use excuses such as: penny surfers, paypal, trafficmonsoon, to jump ship or blame the collapse on the very people who followed them and bought from them.

You know... "they dont embrace change", "they are just penny surfers", "they dont want to invest or learn", "offering money for surfing did it"..... etc...etc...


...while many ended up losing thousands a piece who bought into the propaganda (false info and teachings), mods, launch managers, follow my 'friends' new launch, etc.



What gets me is that its not dead in the real internet marketing world and straight up BS if anyone says it.


Is easyhits4u dead? Is Trafficadbar dead? Leadsleap? What about the others? Or even my own? No.

Still alive and kicking. They ARE traffic exchanges with or without variances.


So if someone who used to praise it galore and make tons of money off people teaching about it, suddenly says its dead and want you to go to crypto.... think long and hard about how they have abandoned that very thing they called themselves a teacher on (traffic exchanges) before doing it.


So... if someone else says its dead but viral mailers are the next it thing.... think long and hard on why the person who used to teach people and praise TE's... and sell those scripts... now want you to follow them into viral mailers (*cough* safelist in disguise). Think long and hard again because, I'm sorry, that has been around literally 20 years and has been the trend for - 20 years. It is NOT new.


Paypal didnt kill them. Trafficmonsoon didnt kill them, in which they actually benefited greatly from trafficmonsoon btw.

I saw it myself, I saw the webinar(s) with scoville that they had, and the biggie: Scoville told me himself how much they benefited.


Also. There is NO difference of a viral mailer to a safelist or a plain mailer, period. It's a ploy to make it sound special and something different from the usual email advertising safelist. They are not viral and nothing different. Stop spreading false words.


So again: TE is not dead. But the inexperienced teaching the inexperienced is.


Thanks for letting me scream.

-Maryanne Myers

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#1406 Is Free Working For You Or Against You?

Posted by John Bell on 08 February 2014 - 03:51 AM

I would do a free something to generate opt-ins, but nothing else.  Giving away freebies on your site that you want people to get in and ultimately purchase things is not a very good route to go, from my experience..


..but giving them a free guide on how to do something as the hook for opting in to your email list - then providing value to that list and later advertising that site you want them to get in and ultimately purchase things, can be very effective -- you've used the freebie to get them in (the hook) but then once they were in you've built a trust relationship by providing legitimate, actionable, value; so when they get to the point in the funnel that you want them to begin purchasing, that barrier is much smaller because they already trust you and your judgement.

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#1268 Safelist Pirate

Posted by Matt Koshko on 29 January 2014 - 11:20 AM

Just this week news has been spreading about something called "Safelist Pirate". One might think it's a safelist where you can advertise, but it's nothing of the sort.


Taken directly from a website: "Safelist Pirate is the software package automates everything. From reading the e-mail, observation the ad, and filling out the captcha. affirmative that’s right – we tend to got our own captcha technology integrated with this software package. this implies folks don’t have to be compelled to purchase credits with their captcha breaker account. The workers is incredibly responsive, therefore if a secure list web site has modified we tend to update the software package."


Now you may be thinking "Sweet, I can automate my advertising and reach thousands without lifting a finger!". Let me explain...if you're advertising to people who are not reading your messages, and instead those people are using automated software to read your ads, what value does it have to you? It means that advertising is worth little to nothing, rendering the entire process as useless.


If you're a safelist owner it is recommended to ban safelistpirate.com from your site. Also, don't bother going to the website for the software - there are concerns of malicious scripts encoded on the website, and you're probably opening up more risks downloading the software to your computer.

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#742 What are the Best Traffic Exchanges with Fast Timers?

Posted by Sean Supplee on 02 June 2013 - 02:18 PM

Should we get on the topic of timers and no timers again lol :D always a huge debate there. Honestly Trafficswirl has been pushing out some nice conversions for me over the last 3 months. I would say that's one of the musts to try and keep your ads in rotation on.
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