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Community Guide

Blanket statement: Play nice, play fair, be respectful.

As a member of our community you are expected to follow the rules. Most importantly, the use of common sense plays a factor. But, to make sure everyone is on a level playing field, here's how we have structured the community.

RESPECT. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a brand new marketer, we treat everyone with the same respect and expectations. You are welcome to bring your opinions, just be respectful.

Administrators: These are individuals in the community who oversee all content and decisions, ultimately making sure all is running smooth. Administrators are real people, too.

Moderators: Individuals labeled as Moderators help maintain appropriate content. They may move articles, topics, replies, comments, etc. without notice, but they also follow the same guidelines. We rely heavily on our Moderators to help be the first stage when an issue arises. And if you have a question, feel free to ask them.

Forums: This is the heart of the community content sharing where you are free to engage through questions, experiences, and the long list of categories. Our community is focused on online marketing but is open to other topics as well. Do your best to fit your topic and replies in the appropriate categories, and if Admins/Mods think they are better suited elsewhere, we'll make the change.

Forum Signatures: Branding is important. We want you to build yourself as the sought-after professional. You may utilize a forum signature to showcase yourself with a short bio or other kind of catchy content. You may use one banner, no taller than 90px, and one affiliate link.

Affiliate Links: Generally affiliate links are off-limits unless otherwise specified. However, because of our unique mailing opportunity as well as the ability to advertise banners, you are still able to get in front of people with your advertisements.

Adult Content: Sorry, wrong place to share. Simply put, if you're caught sharing content of this kind in any way, consider yourself banned permanently.

Private Messaging: Privately contacting members is a valuable capability but is monitored carefully. Spamming your links, mass messaging, and otherwise harassing members will get you blocked from this capability indefinitely.

Marketplace: You can sell and buy digital products through our marketplace at free-will. Please be sure to scan your dowloadable files with the latest virus software to ensure the safety of said files. Uploading or selling products containing malware, viruses, or any other harmful content will get you banned and reported to the appropriate authorities; don't ruin it for everyone else.

Foul Language: Western culture has decided there is an ever-growing list of insulting, foul, and "bad" words that make people uncomfortable. Intentionally utilizing such language against someone else may result in sensorship and/or warnings. Your reputation will take a hit; think before posting.