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Marketing Checkpoint




Full Membership Details

Matt Koshko

There are a lot of capabilities at MarketingCheckpoint. To better serve the value, you can view a more detailed list below. Each one is labeled as to which membership(s) applies, in Italics.



  • Total Mailing
    • Free members (bronze) must use earned points to send mailings, and can reach up to the total membership using points every 24 hours. Each point allows sending to one member, so 1000 points = a mailing to 1,000 members
    • Upgraded members (silver) can send to 1,200 members every 48 hours without needing any points. Any additional can be used from earned points.

    [*]Earn Points Reading Mail

    • All memberships will earn randomly between 30 and 60 points per email ad read.

Discussion Points

  • For any forum post all memberships earn 250 points.


  • Category Access
    • Key Discussions (All)
    • Extras (All)
    • Premium Members (Silver only)

    [*]Files in Forums

    • Upload (Silver, Gold)
    • Download (All)


    • 1 Image (240px height, max), 2 links (Free)
    • 2 Images, (240px height, max) 3 links (Silver)


  • Add Friends (All)
  • Notifications for 3 months (All)
  • Change Member Title (Need 200 Posts) (All)
  • Rate Members (All)
  • Publish a Personal Update (All)
  • Give/Receive Reputation Points (All)
  • Send/Receive Private Messages (All, limitations for Bronze)


  • The calendar is open for all to use, but free members will have their events moderated before they are posted.
  • Request RSVP (Silver)


  • Earn 30% of Membership Subscription Sales (Silver)
  • Earn 10% of Banner Ad Sales (Silver)
  • Earn 20% of Membership Subscription Sales (Free)
  • Request Credit Payout (All)
  • Use Commission Credits to Pay for Subscriptions/Ads (All)

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Hi to all, I am new here and trying to learn and under a page 


Full Membership Details

on the topic 




I found that I can use 


  • 1 Image (240px height, max), 2 links (Free)


My question is what type images and links can I put on signatures?,


Will appreciate any hint or answer


Thank you 


Carlos Arguello (Arlequin)

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