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Mail Free to everyone you know... and everyone they know... everyone THEY know... and so on, five full levels deep... awesome!


"The net's finest - and fast-becoming the largest automatic list building machine and spam-free mailer, built for your success" -MTG


A unique list building program unlike all others


With MyMegaList, not only can you grow and mail to a massive list all on your own, you can actually LEVERAGE your referred subscribers into an even BIGGER list! That's because all your subscribers can refer other subscribers and all of these are also placed in your distribution list automatically! This goes on for FIVE FULL TIERS!


And everytime you send a message to your MyMegaList community and they respond to YOUR offers, they will be on your own house list... over & over.


These new respondents become YOUR customers, prospects and/or subscribers so you can see just how powerful this system is for you!


This "auto-viral" approach means you can refer just a few people yourself, and still build a huge subscriber base of thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands to send your mailings to! Imagine telling just three people about it, who tell a bare mimimum of three people each, and so on for five levels... See, you don't even need a list to get started, because MyMegaList.com will help build it for you! 



Larry Forst

Owner Of Free QR Codes

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