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- Medicus Global is the Tele-Medicine Health Care Solution for uninsured and  insured Americans.


- Medicus Global is a Huge Residual Income Opportunity.


- Up & running in the USA


- Valuable service


- Mass appeal, USA & International


The customer cost of the service for the whole family is only $29.95/ month. To earn income you become an affiliate for a cost of $49.99/year. Thats IT!


- Massive residual income




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After a year of development, Medicus Global is hitting the market in a big way. Here is the webinar from last night, June1.

Link: http://app.webinarjam.net/r/3/0/replay/20388/52042f4c6d/0/35579390

Title: Medicus Global Associate Updates
Description: Join Medicus Global's President Stephen Rossiter, Corporate Team and Special Guest

Host: Ron Greenhough, Stephen Rossiter, Norman Ball, Robert Anderson, Jennifer Chamberlain, Ricardo Garcia, Kevin Young, James Cummaro, Mark Moulten, Jennifer Hoyle

Date: Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Time: 09:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT -4

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I'm going to spell out the Medicus Global below and you can decide if they work for you and if you want to make life-changing money with us..


[1] MASSIVE compensation plan - bigger than you have ever seen (for several reasons)

[2] Increasing monthly commissions

[3] Paying downline built for you (corporate spillover)

[4] Valuable and desirable service to the general population (everyone wants/needs it)


Have you ever been in a business where the service has mass appeal to ordinary people (not just marketers) and where you get paid from everyone of those people who use the service that are in your downline, regardless of how they get there?


Have you ever been in a business where the advertising is done for you and you can benefit from the growth in your business as a result of that advertising?


Have you ever been in a business where you know your income will never stop or disappear because there are just too many people in your downline who are happy to continue paying for their service?

MyMedicus Gives you:

►Access to Board Certified Doctors 24 hours a day! No more appointments or waiting rooms.

►Everyone is eligible – No age limits or restrictions.

►Your whole family can be covered by our family plan.

►No need for a doctor’s office visit. Save time and money, getting the medical information you need

from your home (or anywhere) 24/7.

►Nurse followup on every consultation.

►Referrals to specialists!

►Prescriptions called in for immediate pickup nationwide, regardless of where you are! (Non DEA-controlled prescriptions only. When sufficient medical information is obtained.)

►Talk directly (and immediately) to Board-certified and licensed doctors and nurses. Maxiumum call-back time for a doctor is 3 hours, but the average is between 30-45 minutes.

►Not tied in with a specific doctor or insurance company.

►Pre-existing conditions do not matter.

►Prescription discount card, Diagnostic Lab Test and Imaging savings plan all included.

►Secure HIPAA-compliant storage and retrieval of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).


24hr Access

24-hr, nationwide access to physician consultative services to our members who are unable to obtain medical care from their primary physician.

Protect Your Family

If you apply in the family program, immediate family members residing in your household can use your membership card.

Anyone Can Join!

No matter what your age, anyone can join Medicus – even if you already have another medical insurance plan.

Pre-Existing Condition?

No Problem! If you have a pre-existing condition, you can still join Medicus!


Once in a lifetime opportunities are rare and many people don't recognise when they see one.


This IS one!

This Changes EVERYTHING - Unlimited Perpetual Income ==> http://po.st/EC4A



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