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"MLM Gateway" is pretty interesting. 


It's set up as kind of a social network where you can connect with other Networkers/Affiliates, and as soon as you sign up, people will probably start reaching out to you. 


But more exciting is their affiliate program and the way it ties in with their pay per click advertising options. 


Basically in addition to getting commissions for upgrades, you also get CREDITS FOR EVERY FREE SIGNUP.


You can then apply these credits toward direct clicks on Banner ads within the site. 


The cool thing is, the credits you get for referring signups are then auto-assigned to your ad, so it's truly "Set It & Forget It." 


Just get your banner configured and mix your referral link in with your normal promotions and you'll be good to go.


(I'm averaging about 3-7 high quality clicks & opt-ins a day, with very little promotion.) 





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So, I have people asking for information about Steeped Tea, but I cannot see who they are until I spend 20 credits per person I want to unhide. Also, I clearly stated that the opportunity is only available in USA and Canada, yet I am getting people from Philippines and Algeria. They obviously just want me to spend credits to make the contact so they don't have to and then they will pitch something to me. Also, I have not yet been awarded the credits I have earned, so I could not actually view the people claiming to be interested without spending money. I think I will consign this to the "checked it out and wrote it off" category.

Come have a cup of tea with us. Premium, all natural loose teas. Turn your love of tea into a profitable business.


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