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*  Sign up membership is free.
*  Affordable adpacks starting at just $5.
*  There are 4 adpack plans: The $5 or the $10 or the $25 packs where you must purchase a max of 100 packs before going to the next tier adpack level. Then there is the $50 where you can have an


unlimited amount of adpacks.
*  You will only have to click on 10 ads daily, you will have to view each ad for just 10 seconds
*  You earn money every 30 Minutes, that's a total of 48 Times A Day.
*  Adpacks mature at 120% return
*  You earn lifetime 10% referral commission on each credit pack purchased by your referrals.
*  Buy as many as you can, the bigger it starts the faster it grows.
*  Created by trusted admin and monitored by experienced admin.
*  Top Worldwide Leaders are already onboard and ready to capitalize on this huge global expanding market (me included).
*  There is no repurchase rule, so all of your earnings go directly to your cashout balance. (Because this is a huge, trusted, profitable rev-share company it can sustain a no-repurchase rule.)
*  Reliable payment processors. NO PAYPAL. We use Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, 2Pay4You and Bitcoin.
*  Every Single person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to make money. If you sponsor others, the chance of them quitting the program is almost non-existent, because who’s going to quit

when they’re making money. With other businesses such as MLM programs requiring monthly payment, generally over 90% quit.
*  You get real highly targeted traffic to your website. (Majority are buyers that are proven to buy over & over again).
*  And this is no fly by night company or opportunity, this company has been set up for long term sustainable growth in a Multi Billion a year industry.
*  $5 Minimum Cashout and $200 Max Cashout Per Day!
*  Quick Payments; Payout Requests Are Processed Everyday! Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 48 hours from request
*  This is the Right Opportunity, at the Right Time with the Right Management.



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