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Traffic exchanges will take up your time if you don't careful. Almost everyone use TE's to drive traffic to their site. The most important thing is traffic you get. Is it quality traffic? is it converting well?. 


I have been using traffic exchanges for a while and nothing has come close to trafficadbar. If you are looking for a free advertising platform then you should check out traffic ad bar. 


Last week i joined traffic ad bar to kind of test things out and see if its performing. To my surprise it exceeds my expectation. 


The way it works is that it pushes you up the ladder and by doing so your ad will be exposed more to those below the ladder. The more you surf and earn credits the more you will climb up the ladder and the more visitors you will receive. 


To give an insight of what i'm talking about here is a screen shot of my tracker which showed traffic that comes from trafficadbar.com. Absolutely fantastic results. i have 62 real visitors to my site. 


The top tier traffic is even better. As you can see in the statistics breakdown below that most traffic comes from united states followed by united kingdom. Which are quality traffic. 





If you looking for a free quality advertising platform then i recommend traffic ad bar.

You will never regret it. 


To your success 

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I just did a review of Traffic Ad Bar Review at http://tomahawktraffic.ws/traffic-ad-bar-review/ and would love to get some feedback and hopefully blog comments on it.




Type of Traffic to expect from this Traffic Ad Bar Review


Traffic Ad Bar is a type of Free Website Traffic Generator known as a TAE or Text Ad Exchange. You have multiple options to show or view other member’s ads to earn credits and points used to display your websites. In the case of Traffic Ad Bar you will find multiple manners to show their ads on your sites to earn credits while advertising elsewhere. The first is a URL Mask every link added has a link assigned for.

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Just a testimony...


I began using traffic exchanges in 2009 to innocently promote a blog that I had at the time.  I can now chuckle at my ignorance to internet marketing back then.  SMH


Anyhow, the first one I joined was Easy Hits 4 U as I was drawn in by all the boasting I saw online about them having the largest membership base.  They still do, I believe.  Do not get me confused as it was (and still is) a reputable traffic exchange.  It's fun to use and the interface is simple.




Several years later (2015) I was introduced to Traffic Ad Bar. I joined, of course, but my first impression of it was sheer confusion!  At the time the interface just blew my mind.  Regretfully I was turned off as a result and did not use my account for about 15 months.  


I was led back to TAB by a sponsor of mine, and I am SO grateful that I was far more patient the second time around.  Folks, believe me when I say that taking the time to understand it is worth the committment.  


Though its member base may not be as large as Easy Hits 4 U, I have found that TAB provides me with not just good traffic - but conversions.  


In fact, I seem to get more conversions from TAB than EH4U.  Compared to Easy Hits 4 U you won't find the "bells and whistles" and all the prizes, but if quality leads is what you're after at least consider Traffic Ad Bar. 


The day the admin at TAB adds the option for geo-targeting member's ads I believe it can surpass EH4U in popularity.  The bar concept is brilliant and the ladder keeps members engaged.


If you do decide to get in on TAB my advice would be to take time in creating your ad copy as opposed to simply throwing some words together.  Also, take your grammar and punctuation seriously.  Unlike many other traffic exchanges that simply shows a webpage to a viewer unsuspecting of your ad, TAB at least gives the viewer the option to choose the ad (webpage) they look at. 


...a very efficient concept. 
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"Get up to 1022 hits in 3 days using this awesome traffic tool."


This is a little misunderstanding of the system.  What he is talking about has to do with the ranking system at TAB.  If your link has a ranking of level 10 (I believe) or higher you will get your link sent out in the morning emails to at least 1022 members.  The Rankings of each of your links is recalculated every 3 days and is based on how many points you have from Surfing, Referrals Surfing, TAB adbanners clicked from outside sources.  They all give you points.  The members has a incentive to click on the morning emails because those give you 10-20 times as many points as a normal surf click, so you get those visitors!


You get your click credits from the bonus pages every 25 clicks while surfing, those are always worth 25 visits to you website and a whole lot of bonus points.


I have had days when I surfed TAB for 14 hours chasing down the surf leaders and have clicked about 3000 links by the time I was done, I ended up with over 4500 visits to my site that day and that DID NOT count the morning mailer clicks!


With a 10 second timer and no games and other distractions to get in your way TAB is THE place to go when you want to surf in HARDCORE MODE!  


As for how the quality tracks on the LeadsLeap Tracker on every link I use, the quality is right in the middle not bad, but not exceptional.  That is to be expected from a crowd that surfs a lot since we pretty much have seen everything there is to see already.  If anyone knows of a T.E. that only has Newbies for surfers let me know because I will be rich in 2 days!

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