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If you are looking for a network marketing company to work with to begin to earn money in your

spare time then I would recommend that you take a look at what Joy To Live has to offer.

These include cutting edge health and wellness products for nutrition and weight management,

 an anti-aging skin serum, and even a delicious instant health coffee.


They also give you lots of free tools to help your marketing efforts, like free websites, free lead capture

system and other resources. On top of that all of the products come at a very economical price so

almost anyone can afford to get started with them. Finally, they use a forced matrix type of compensation

plan it's possible that you may be able to benefit from the marketing efforts of your upline sponsors,

and your downline members from your efforts.


So, if that sounds like something you are interested in I will give you my link here:


It is:  http://joytolive.net/beawinner


Best wishes for your future success



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The Joy to Live Products are indeed very good value for money. I like that there are a range of products that are available, addressing a number of problem areas affecting health and wellness.   For best results, remember to increase your daily intake of water ....got to get those toxins out of your body.

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Good day,


If you would like to use one product from the group of products offered by Joy to Live, please consider using the Fulvia capsules.


If taken on a regular basis, people have reported improved digestion, higher energy levels and normalization of blood sugar.


In upcoming posts, I would share more details on the Fulvia capsules, taken once or twice daily, and always with at least 16 ounces of water.


Talk to you soon.



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Today I will be mentioning two items, namely, the ingredients in the Fulvia product and the origin of the name "Fulvia" as the name of the product.


Fulvia consists of three major ingredients -  (1) Fulvic Acid, (2) Resveratrol and (3) Grape Pomace.


Fulvia is named after one of the most powerful, aristocratic woman of ancient Rome. A valiant fighter in the Persuine War, Fulvia was also an energetic, tireless leader as well as a symbol of strength, character and stability.


So that covers our two items for today.


Tomorrow, I'll be providing yet more information on our Fulvia product.


Take care.



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Hello everyone,


Today I will wrap up the information sharing on the Fulvia product. 


Fulvia can provide your body with nutrients not found in grocery or health food stores.  Without these essential nutrients, it is difficult for the body to perform at maximum efficiency and fight diseases.


Quite often, fatigue or pain that cannot be understood may indicate high levels of toxin in one's body. Fulvia may be able to assist in cleansing the liver and flushing toxins and acidic wastes from cells organs and tissues.


Thank you for your review of this post. This concludes the focus on the Fulvia product, but we have more areas/topics that would be exploring in upcoming posts..


See you soon.


Keep well.


Sheldon Alexis Butcher      

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Hello everyone,


Today I'll be discussing briefly the connection between gaining weight and not having enough nutrients in your diet. 


Weight gain is a common consequence of a poor diet. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to food craving, which in turn causes overeating in a vicious cycle resulting in weight gain. To look and feel better you must pay attention to what you eat and drink, not just for taste, but for nutrients.


And that is where the Joy to Live products such as "Affinity", "LeJoyVa" and "Optimum Weight Loss" can play an important role.


Thanks for reading.




Sheldon Alexis Butcher  

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