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   I generally haven't put much effort into PTC sites. All that clicking for fractions of a penny never seemed worth the hassle. And because it is so much effort for so little money, anyone I ever signed up to a PTC didn't stay active long. I just found logging in to multiple PTC sites, checking if there are ads, promoting them to build a downline,  and the actual clicking process, with it opening a new window each click, annoying. I think I may have found a solution. Buxenger is a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox that takes most of the annoyance out of PTC sites. It makes signing up to new sites a couple of clicks, filling in the information on the registration screen and generating a random password. It gives you a home screen with all your PTC sites as tiles, telling you at a glance how much earnings you have and how many clicks are available. I've been using it for a day so far and it has made me not completely hate PTC sites. The downline builder should help me actually get a downline in multiple PTCs as well.


  If you like PTCs, you should give this a try. The installation to Waterfox was painless and the setup is easy. As someone who normally wouldn't bother with PTCs, this changes everything for me.


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