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Desktop Lightning?

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Hi all ... just wondering if anyone has tried Desktop LIghtning and if so how did it work out for them. I don't like installing things that I have no idea what they do. Thanks for any feedback.



Marty Frost - Entrepreneur

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Marty Frost - Entrepreneur

==> Email me at:  mfrost215@gmail.com
==> Visit my online office:  http://www.SteadyFinance.com

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Hi there I have Desktop Lightning and probably do not use it properly but the kind of ads that seem to get knocked out of the frame are by desktop lightening themselves and most of them have been for options trading platforms.  


Every-time my computer resets it want to do an upgrade of Adobe Air for Desktop lightning.  


I would say if you do not like installing stuff then it is possibly better to give this one a miss.


I personally do not have time to go through all the emails before I have made a post myself.






Leonie Henskie


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wow that's a blast from the past. It must be 10 years old.


It might have been successful several years ago but last time I tested it I got 0 clicks.


That was enough for me to stop using it.


The app is safe though so it won't do any harm if you want to install yourself and test. Maybe they've improved things or refreshed it for phones.

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I am a upgraded member of the program. It allows me to send to over 2000 members weekly. Although I receive at least 50% response to my ads I have not made many sales.or referrals to my programs. Most members are promoting similar advertising as mine. I don't like the fact that they don't provide a way to contact your referrals or that they don't pay commissions for upgraded referrals. But for the most part it is very safe to install and depending on what your marketing it has potential.

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