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Has anyone joined Zabang yet?  Is it working?


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I didn't know what it was until I read this post, so I went off and researched it... Now I've joined and submitted a few websites.


Obviously it's too early for me to report on results yet. My only gripe so far has been some of my sites being rejected as supposedly 0% mobile-friendly when I know for a fact they're totally mobile-friendly as I'm looking at them on my mobile!


Hopefully this is just a bug which will be ironed out in due course.


Apparently there's going to be a Zabang Mail as well, with affiliate links embedded automatically at the bottom of all outgoing messages, which sounds quite interesting.

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As I recall Zabang was started by Michael Glaspie :o a few years back and this

looks like a re-launch. Who knows and I'd be curious to see if it delivers as promised.

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