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Funny how it goes... Just a couple of weeks ago I was posting on this forum that I only really used one traffic exchange (Dark Hits) and now suddenly I'm surfing half a dozen or more every day!


One of these is the newly-discovered Bee Hits, which for free members has a dynamic 1:1 surf ratio rising to 1.4:1 with a 4 second timer and fast traffic from an active membership.


The only slight drawback is if you want to upgrade you have to pay in Bitcoin (and I'm still a dinosaur where virtual currency is concerned) but the free membership is so good, you'll be happy NOT taking the upgrade

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No, unfortunately, there's no geotargetting. There has been a change in the timer - it has gone from 4 seconds to 3 seconds which I feel is a little too fast. You can probably benefit from it if you have a REALLY eyecatching splash or squeeze page to stop people in their tracks.

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To be honest, I hadn't used this TE in months - I've just surfed it again after I saw your question and it looks as though there's only a handful of people using it. 


As a former TE owner I can say that it can be difficult to get a traffic exchange to really work out. Some owners have gone into it thinking they will get rich or make a decent living off of them. For most, they are lucky to break even. When I started, I was warned that most of my members would never upgrade and activity on the site was something you had to really work at by offering surfing contests and the like. There are exceptions of course, and some do really well. But, in my experience they are few compared to the many that are out there.

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