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So "the power and the money belong to the many - not the few" ?


This seems in direct contradiction to the later statement... "In empowr, the fastest way to get ahead is with a monthly power user subscription, priced from as low as $6 and as high as $25,000 or more. Power users get much more attention — which means significantly more views and earnings."


So those with $25,000 or more to invest will get more power, exposure, profits, etc. ?


Sounds like nothing new there, then

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So, they (Empower.com) are virtually giving money away?  Sounds like a profitable venture.  Must be a government enterprise.

They don't actually give out the money. It goes into your virtual account, but always says waiting to mature before you can actually withdraw it. They were called FanBox before they changed to Empowr, and people had 10's of thousands of virtual dollars in FanBox that never got transferred over with the name change and were just wiped out. I have an Empowr account that was made during "pre-launch", although I fail to see how a name change is a "pre-launch". I have done absolutely nothing with it, but it has "earned" a couple thousand dollars. But cash-out is never actually available. This is just the same as my old FanBox account. I had it for years, just sitting there generating fake money. By the end of FanBox I had over $10,000, but it never "matured". It always stated 90 days until maturation, no longer how long I waited. Luckily, I never put much effort and no money into it.

Come have a cup of tea with us. Premium, all natural loose teas. Turn your love of tea into a profitable business.


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i already got 1$ as early cashout in my paypal account, 

still waiting for my 105$ for matured cash out which i already requested from 2 days,

the early cash out i got within 24 hours but matured cash out still waiting from last 48 hours

Let us know when you get it. :)

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Empowr is real. It is good business. The problem with most people is that they join  it with the hope of getting cash quickly. You need to learn the system. Just like with nay other business you need to invest in time and effort to get paid. I Have been with it for some time now and i get paid.

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Now I'm curious as to what the original post was that is now deleted.


I'm thankful my hubby finally wised up and gave up on the $4000 he just knew would mature any day then the hundreds of dollars they took out of his account over some months wasn't going to matter.   I just wish he had listened to me before he lost those hundreds of dollars!!


I did get over $13 total in early cash outs paid to me.  When they took money from my account that I didn't know would happen I did the once a year allowable full refund.  As soon as it came in, I closed my account.

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Their trick is quite obvious ... they like to have you SECURE your account with PayPal or a credit card so they can take more cash out of your account than you will get paid!  


I am not going to let them do that ... if they like to pay me, they can always send me a cheque ... :)

Franto Hruz in Toronto


-- == Join me at the Viral Marketing Centre for some advanced strategies and mutual support == --


Skype - franto.hruz / Twitter - @f_hruz 

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