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Guest mrclean0325

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Guest mrclean0325

Do you like playing games?


Do you like making money?


Why not do BOTH!


Join this free revenue sharing experience!


Play games, see ads (not intrusive), and make money. What could be better!


There is also a web app available for Android and iPhone to increase your income with the "7 Degrees Game" and other programs to help make you extra cash having fun.


More income programs are planned and being added.


Don't miss out on this unique and fun way to make money at home on your cell phone or computer.


Your Web Base

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Guest mrclean0325

So what is so special about Your Web Base?


If you have ever dreamed of building a business with just your cell phone, this is it.


Your Web Base is the worlds first complete affiliate program in a box for mobile, meaning it is the only mobile app capable of building and managing a downline through a mobile app. When you share your affiliate link with someone and they join, they are directed to the proper app to download (Either Android or iOS) and are put on YOUR team. The app has all of your affiliate info already loaded.


This means you can actually build an online business with just your cell phone - no computer required.


This is breakthrough technology and why it has been in over 400 news sites from all over the world from the Huffington Post to Entrepreneur magazine.


Why should you care?


It is an absolutely free to join program that pays you from the advertising income received from the programs included in it. It is also the worlds first 7 level affiliate program and the app keeps track of all your affiliates and commissions. It is your "base" for any program put into it. This means you get income from people 7 levels down from you. It has the power of MLM without being an MLM since there is no monthly payment, fees, or any cost to joining or using it.


The excitement is building for the new game that just was submitted to the app stores and will be released soon for you to play.


Why get excited about a game?


It is a tournament game and is like Candy Crush the difference is it pays CASH prizes!


There are no entry fees or any cost whatsoever to play and win money. Currently the top prize is $50,000 for the winner of the tournament and everyone who gets a seat in the tournament is guaranteed to win a cash prize. It is not a "one-time" tournament either and a new one will start when the old one is finished.


If you sign someone up and they win money - you get a 10% commission! This is 7 levels of people who could win something. So you don't even have to play the game or win the tournament to make cash. Just think about the possibilities...


How easy will it be to get people to play a free game that pays them a cash prize?


If you are already a member of Your Web Base, there is a video on the Your Web Base site in the news section with your first look at the game along with tips and tricks to maximize your chances at winning in the tournament. There is also a quick look at another game that is in development. All will have a cash tournament where you can win money.


This could change everything for you!


The only way to get notified of the games release for your platform is through the app.




Get it now and use what is in it to make extra money until the game is released. You still have time to build downlines and get started.


Your Web Base App


NO ups, NO extras, NO OTO, No spam, and NO fees, just a way to make money playing on your cell phone.


If you have any questions, just reply to this thread.

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