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Is Digest emails a good idea?

Digest Emails  

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  1. 1. Would you prefer to receive a digest email instead of individual emails?

    • Yes, I would like one email with a list of the messages to click on
    • No, I prefer individual emails

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I'm thinking of adding a digest email feature to my mailers, but I wanted to collect some feedback. 


What this would mean is you would receive a digest email maybe twice a day with a list of the subject lines of mails

you would have normally received individually, you can click on them to open them in a new window to view the email content, and then

of course to click on the credit link and open the advertisers website.


This would greatly cut down in the amount of mails you receive (maybe 2 each day), but you still get the benefit of being able to open

and read all the mails for credit. I know a lot of new people to mailers especially complain about the amount of mails they receive and

that possibly turns them off. Sending a lot of mails is also looked at as spammy by email providers, and very resource heavy as far as servers go.


The potential downside is that you don't see all the subject lines immediately in your inbox, instead you would see them in your digest email.


Please answer the poll to let me know which you prefer.

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The one digest mailer I receive tends to get corrupted when there is one bad email (google warning) and then I lose all credits for the rest of the email after that in the digest. That is the only problem I have expierenced. 


Interesting.. thanks for sharing as that is not something I even thought about.

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Interesting.. thanks for sharing as that is not something I even thought about.

I still use it but sometimes its frustrating when your opening up the emails(from even regular mailers that require icon verifi.) and it does it ,also

I dont't understand how it gets past all the site checks. The same ads will mess up on other mailers. Even on a couple of yours they take over a second after clicking on the mail

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I would LIKE a digest email.


But as desharp38 pointed out, I have had them glitch out in the past and it's really annoying. The best compromise for me would be the digest email in my email inbox (with the other 1500+ I get a day LOL) but the individual emails still available in my on site box, with some sort of update program so that when I open my mailbox here, any links I have clicked on in my email go away.


My email issue is getting so bad I have taken to only opening 1 or 2 emails from a given site in my inbox, then deleting the rest, logging onto the website, and opening them there. I wish all mailers had an onsite inbox only option, and would just send me an email once a day--something like "you currently have 1054 emails waiting to be read". I know it'll never happen, though *sigh*.

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One at a time works for me  :D



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