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Bitcasino - bitcasino.io


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Bitcasino is an online casino that deals with Bitcoin rather than traditional money. It's the first licensed online Bitcoin casino and it has a bunch of games. It has a nice affiliate and marketing back office where you can create different trackers, deal with banners, etc.


Here's the link:



For those who are familiar with Bitcoin, here's the transaction of their recent payment to me:



For those who have no clue about Bitcoin, it's pretty awesome. It's basically digital money (some call it digital gold) where every single transaction is recorded on an irreversible blockchain that everyone who runs a full node has a copy of. That means it's impossible to hack, change, or corrupt, unless the attacker has over half of the computing power of the entire Bitcoin network (aka, never gonna happen). It's anonymous and secure. Basically no one will ever be able to get to your Bitcoin unless they can get access to your actual wallet file and you have a weak password etc. You can store your Bitcoin on a paper wallet if you want. :)

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