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Our Affiliate Program


Residualincome.TV isn't just an easy-to-use marketing tool that ANYONE can afford. It's also an incredible income opportunity, because we pay up to 85% of each membership BACK to the members. From each $10.00 membership, we pay up to $7.00 into our 3x10 company-forced matrix and up to $1.50 in matchingBONUSEShttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png. Here's how:
==>All members are placed into a company-wide, 3x10 forced matrix, and we pay out 85 cents for each dollar received on every member in all 10 levels for those qualified to receive these payments. And it's easy to qualify!



  • Refer 0 Members: Earn from members on Level 1 of your matrix. You can break even without sponsoring 1 person!


  • Refer 1 Member: Earn from members on Levels 1-5 of your matrix.


  • Refer 2 Members: Earn from members on Levels 1-8 of your matrix.


  • Refer 3 Members: Earn from members on Levels 1-10 of your matrix.


==>Members can be placed below your position because you placed them there; or the people above you are placing new people below you ("spillover"); or the people below you are placing new people below you. 

(Up to 15% of Net Revenue)

==>If you refer someone to Residualincome.TV, you'll earn 10% of anything they earn (as described above) from our 3x10 matrix.


If your direct referrals share Residualincome.TV with others, you'll earn 5% of anything those others earn from our 3x10 matrix.





Keep in mind that we cannot say how much you will earn from 
, or if you will earn anything at all. If you do not refer members to the company, your income from the matrix will depend on "spillover" from members above you, and this may or may not occur. Regardless of spillover, you will still have the opportunity to earn each week from our Scramble.

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