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You will be able to build a network 15 levels deep, with you at the very top. Anyone who joins through your personal web site will be placed directly below you, and will receive his or her own personal copy of this web site.


You join ListFire for free, get
a few people to join through your referral link
and your list automatically begins to grow!

Why? Because everyone below you is going to
promote ListFire in order to build THEIR own
list as well... 15 levels deep!

That means there's absolutely NO limit to how
large your list can grow. Want to reach 100's,
1,000's, or even MILLION's of people that will
read your promotional messages each week?

Then ListFire is the place to be!

Plus, everyone who joins goes through a double
opt-in process. That way, you're GUARANTEED not
to receive one single spam complaint!


Join Free:



Even though you can mail to EVERYONE on your
list, the system is set so that YOU personally
can only receive a maximum of 14 member email
messages a week!

- No more flooded inboxes.
- No more struggling to build your own list.
- No more worrying about WHO you're going to
advertise that new program or product to.



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I discovered this site years ago and it could have been awesome, except for two things...

1) The free 'web army knife' download always flags up an 'unsafe' warning when I try to open it, and

2) There hasn't been a post on their onsite forum in three years, suggesting it was either completely saturated or people just stopped using it for whatever reason (maybe the dodgy WAK)

I found My Mega List to be a similar program, but without any obvious drawbacks

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