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Traffic Exchange combined  with a Viral List Builder and turned it into a highly efficient advertising and profit generating machine!


What do You Get?


 ==>Unique Lead Level Targeting

We offer you something nobody else can, and that is our unique Level Targeting system, this allows you to target your ads to Guaranteed Buyers! Not just people who bought once, but twice, 15, 30, some of the leads have made over 50 purchases, you get to target the leads of your choice to maximize your opportunity to generate a sale, skyrocking your ROI while practically completely eliminating your risk. Most advertising services just throw your ads out in front of untargeted, unqualified buyers, only AD Master Plus lets you choose your lead quality with every ad.


==> Full Page Website Distraction-Free Page Views

We offer a one of a kind surf area that minimizes distractions and provides you with the most advertising real estate in the traffic exchange industry while still providing high quality real human pageviews



Email our targeted, segmented lists as often as you like, we've split our leads into groups based on their purchasing history, maximizing your chance to generate a sale


 ==>Real Cash Bonuses

Earn Real Cash BONUSES just for being an active member, promoting, or referring new members to Ad Master Plus


 ==>Big Commissions

Refer new Members and Earn 30-65% Commissions on Credit Sales & Upgrades, Forever!


Join Here:

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