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What is you favourite Traffic Exchange?


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Depends. For "serious" traffic I use Traffic G, Hit Bandit, Traffic Swarm, Top Surfer, and Easy Hits 4 U. Also GOTSafelist, both as a TE and a safelist.


For "fun" traffic I belong to a few dozen LFMTE exchanges, and I also run my own LOL. I love the LFM script, all the mod options, the games, chat and ZUBEES along with VTG games. When it comes to directly "making money" from TEs, the LFM exchanges are where it happens. 


But for sales and the "long haul" signups to anything, I rely on my favorite Safelist/TE (GOTSafelist), my core group of "old school" TEs listed above, and Leads Leap.


I look at a few things, but the most important is always what type of marketing campaign I am running, as all traffic is NOT created equal, and neither are all TEs. Put Put an ad on the WRONG TE, get nowhere. Put the same ad on the RIGHT TE, get results. 

Fortune Favors The Bold! http://fortunestraffic.com

Fortunes Traffic--for Zubees, Promos, Fun, and Traffic.


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As Chrystalia said  for serious traffic I use Traffic G, Traffic Swarm, Easy Hits 4 U, Hit 2 Hit and KRM Traffic Exchange's(Tezak Traffic Power,Traffic Splash,Fast Easy Traffic and Dragon Surf) as they have lots of Member.


The Most Money i have made is with a Growing TE which i myself an Admin I-Pro-X and having some Success with Traffic Swirl and most of John Bell's Site.


I Surf Few other LFM TE's whenever i have time those few TE do Convert Well too.

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I think I would have to say Trafficswirl is my #1 pick as well. I have a good number of TE's I really like though, the KRM sites would rank very highly among them and the bonuses from commando surfing with all of that is great.

I really like so many other TE's too and know some I haven't used so much can be really good for results, which is why I want to use those a bit more.


However, most people here already know and use it but for those that don't: Explosive Traffic (or another co-op if you prefer) can let you get your sites seen everywhere, so if you have your favourites and can get enough views to go out through your co-op of choice it can be ok to surf fewer TE's to get results.


I'd highly recommend to take a look at affiliate funnel as well for anyone who is not a member there yet, free lessons and webinars available and there are many more very positive things about it. I'm still new there and took away much just from joining my first webinar, very nice to hear Marci explain things and drink from her gigantic coffee mug of endless holding. There are many helpful people around there in chat for the webinars and you can ask questions and such. 


Sorry this ended up being way more than about my favourite TE, if just 1 person found something useful with my post it's worth it though  :ph34r:

Some resources I use can be found over here

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