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Pulsating Banners is a banner advertising 
site where your banners can be seen by 
thousands every single day and your banners 
will get noticed as we make them pulsate
This is also an AMAZING funnel
for you to build over 20+ downlines at the 
same time and even free members will earn 
commissions .
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You  Have 1,000 credits to get you
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straight away if you choose to remain a 
free member (with no obligation).
Pulsating Banners Get Noticed.
You Can Have Your Banners At The Heart Of The Advertising
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5-22-2017 monda .     Hello ltd017 ,    Reply from Marty Witt   Arizona   USA   English Speaking .     My primary busines promotion is Wealthy Affiliate , but 1 of my secondary promotions is Pulsating Banners . I think it good for getting peoples attention . I joined them a little while back and have a url for them in my ViralURL account . I received a gmail from them that I got a referral , but the referral didn't pay to upgrade so I never received a commission gmail so far .


If  U  could give me instructions for how to get a free member to pay to upgrade , that would be great .


For future referrance , here are some things I'm knowledgable about :


          ,    multiple difficult ways to have a website ( blog ) online ; I also know some about landing pages , squeeze pages and other types of sites . Like for example . html5 , css , bootstrap , web editors , html editors , WYSIWYG editors , etc .  .


         ,     that why I get excited about the short list of ways to have a website ( blog ) online that are less complicated , less time consuming , less frustrating and less expensive !!

Sincerely ,


Marty Witt   Arizona   USA   English Speaking

I'm about "build website" "build online business" in any narrowed down specific "niche market"


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