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I guess when most people talk about SEO, they relate it to Google, but im starting to believe the game has changed dramatically for the worse for small companies etc.


Any opinions?


I have never depended on SEO and have never given them a second thought.


I always believed that I would get better results promoting the product and services rather than waiting for the search engines to get me visitors.

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Amen Capt!


Of course, I have debated with so called SEO experts back in the day... and I blew them off the maps with my results using FREE Advertising methods. I don't think the Experts and Gurus like me much... :)

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For MArketing? Depends. For disseminating information? Definitely.


I use SEO, SEM and UE (hotjar is an amazing blog plugin!) on my every website I put together for people who will be using adsense and the similar services--knowing how to target for low competition keywords can make a big difference in a tight niche. 


For my other half's site, I am slowly adding in the final on page SEO, and will be adding hotjar in a month or two--but I won't be seriously pushing for keyword recognition until we actually begin selling his products and services.


I have found SEO for You Tube can make a big difference in a micro niche like his--just changing the keywords targeted in his introductions on You Tube really increased the traffic.


For my own websites--on my hubpages, yep. Keyword for Amazon and CB, to pull some sales here and there.


On my blogs when keeping them up, yes--for Search engine placement more than sales, as my blogs are NOT for marketing, but for disseminating information....


For instance, the blog I have right now covers whole body vibration machines,  psychographic segmentation, and politics. I did manage to sell one ZAAZ 15K WBV machine entirely by accident (nice accident, it's a 3000.00 piece of equipment LOL so the Amazon commission was a happy surprise), and a few books here and there.


But the primary purpose is teaching people about psychographic segmentation and highlighting the problems with the uniparty running the country. When Cambridge Analytica became an open participant in our political process I figured it was time to sound the alarm on what my favorite long time hobby can do, since CA's parent company is jokingly called "coups R Us" by the spook community. I haven't had time to post anything for several months, as I got waylaid by life, but I will be getting back to it shortly. And when you're educating people on something extremely important that almost nobody understands (or even believes in at times), you need any tools you can grab to get the word out.

Fortune Favors The Bold! http://fortunestraffic.com

Fortunes Traffic--for Zubees, Promos, Fun, and Traffic.


Interested in Hard Rock Gold Mining? Check Out My Other Half's You Tube Channel -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbcYhenGjigBC5GgEjEANLQ

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Guest jackluter

Till search engines are there, SEO will never die and due to more spam techniques search engine are adding big changes in the search results. Google is slowly increasing the demand to their paid marketing where users thinking it at the end of SEO.

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The two main things that google is looking for on sites (besides a valid ssl), is the presence of video and mobile friendly. The latest update and algorithims are more focused on those two things. The latest report on those new algorithims was a little over 64 pages long.

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