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Program Admin: Shebin John aka remedcu
Profession: College student, SEO Expert, Php Coder & Designer, logo maker, etc (The home page, the images & the video in this site was designed by him)

He has worked for MTV for the past 5 months (till April). He was known as Remedcu.

Now, about the program:

Program name: Entrepreneur Unified.
Type: Crowdfunding website.

Explanation from the Admin:
We are using your money to make new products, and share the revenue with it. I think that is pretty obvious, but we need to explain, isn't it?

Daily there are 100s of Hyips, weekly at least 1 revshare and monthly a cycler. All stays for some time, and leave. As all the admin says, I will be saying too, "we are here to stay". But unlike others I have a plan of action. And that is what should be driving us. We won't be stopping. We will be learning always, and implementing newer and better things to our portfolio to earn more revenue.

Former MTV programmer, Brian is the script maker and a great supporter. The site is currently in kind of prelaunch.

And as pre-launch, we are having a discount sale in RPs.

The RPs are currently sold as packages. The package details are shown below:
$5 RP Package - 50 Shares
$50 RP Package - 550 Shares
$100 RP Package - 1150 Shares
$500 RP Package - 5850 Shares
$1000 RP Package - 12000 Shares
$2000 RP Package - 25000 Shares
$3000 RP Package - 38000 Shares
$5000 RP Package - 65000 Shares

The market will be open to selling for members once 100K RPs are sold or the first product is launched, whichever is earlier.

Also, there is a referral contest. The end date will be announced soon.
The top 10 active referrers will win prize of about $1000! Prize will be distributed as RPs @ $0.1 per RP

First Prize: $200
Second Prize: $175
Third Prize: $150
Fourth Prize: $125
Fifth Prize: $100
Sixth Prize: $75
Seventh Prize: $50
Eighth Prize: $35
Ninth Prize: $30
Tenth Prize: $20

And the rest $40 Prize goes to 2 lucky winner who is an upgraded user in PE (www.passive-earner.com) and have bought atleast $5 RPs in EU (The member should be upgraded at the time of result announcement) This is a token of gratitude to my friend Brian Basser, who is the admin of PE. (Any membership in PE is fine) After you buy, you need to send a support ticket for adding you to the contestants list.

The discounted price is only till we launch our first product in our portfolio. Currently Brian and I are talking about this new portfolio product, and soon it will be build. You can buy the shares from the purchase page.

The payment processor accepted right now is:
BTC, LTC, Dogecoin, Advcash, Okpay & Payeer through Payeer & PM

Soon we will add more payment processor.

There is currently a 2 Level referral commission on fees when user sells the RPs, so promote as much as you can. 18$ on Level 1 and 15% on Level 2.

Also, once we make revenue making products, we will be sharing the revenues weekly.

There are no membership required as of now for buying & selling the shares.

Those who want to contact admin:
Email: admin@remedcu.com
Skype: remedcu
Admin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/togetherinvesting
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneurunified/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/entrepreneurunified/

Click Here To Join!

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