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Welcome to PoolInvestors!

As some of you already know, this is the first “child” website of Entrepreneur Unified.

Here are the basic details of our cycler:

There are 3 types of membership:
- Earner membership ($2.5 per month or $6 per 3 months)
- Super Earner membership ($5 per month or $12 per 3 months)
- ProAdvertiser membership ($10 per month or $24 per 3 months)

Depending on the type of your membership, you need to meet a certain “Surfing Requirement” and have a certain duration of the timer for an Ad View:

Earner members: 10 Sites per 24h (15 Sec per View)
Super Earner members: 5 Sites per 24h (20 Sec per View)
ProAdvertiser members: 1 Site per 24h (30 Sec per View)

Depending on the type of your membership, you can list up to a certain number of websites that will be getting an UNLIMITED amount of FREE hits from Pool Investors:

A Earner member can list up to 1 site.
An Super Earner member can list up to 5 sites.
An ProAdvertiser member can list up to 10 sites.

Now, we have come up with a generous Affiliate Structure that rewards you with attractive Referral Commissions on your referrals’ both Membership and AdPack purchases! Here are the details of our Affiliate Structure:

Referral Commissions on your referrals’ Membership purchases:
Level 1: 25%
Level 2: 15%
As you can see, we share a MASSIVE 40% of our revenues from your referrals’ Membership purchases with YOU!

Referral Commissions on your referrals’ AdPack purchases:
Level 1: 3%
Level 2: 2%

We have decided to agree on this very Affiliate Structure (that rewards you more for your referrals’ purchases of AdPacks and not Memberships), because we can clearly see that our users will be buying AdPacks in a much bigger amount than Memberships. Therefore, you’ll, anyways, benefit A LOT over the long-term if you decide to support us, promoting our program now!

Each Ad Pack gives you 100 Text Ad Credits and 50 Banner Ad Credits. Besides, it gives you 1 Token as a bonus. Tokens can only be used for cycling. When one of your Tokens cycles, you earn $1.30!

A maximum of 10 Tokens a day and 5 Tokens at a time can be added to the Cycling Queue. Also, there is a limit of 5 Tokens that can be added to the Cycling Queue per 5 minutes, which means that you’ll have to wait 5 minutes before adding another 5 Tokens to the Cycling Queue!

Now, I’d like to thank you all for believing in me and in my plans for Entrepreneur Unified! Your support means a great deal to me, and I’d like to reward you for your loyalty:

All of your Entrepreneur Unified referrals will be your referrals in Pool Investors, as well! How awesome is that?

Those who don't want/like to meet their “Surf Requirement” can purchase a Surf-Free Vacation Mode for just 1 Token a week!

The cycler is going to launch at 27th August, 9:30 site server time. So, hurry up with buying the RPs of EU, as the revenues from the cycler will be added to EU and shared with you on a weekly basis! I do agree that we have had a rather “slow” start while we have been in the “fund raising” phase. Anyways, everything will definitely pick up shortly! Our businesses will be WAY more profitable for you in the long run than all those fast-scamming programs out there!

The EU RP market should open on the day when the Cycler launches or a day after that.

One more interesting thing for you to think about: the Reset feature that we have come up for Pool Investors may not seem very exciting at first. However, you will certainly love it when you see it proving itself to be the ultimate tool for making your earning process at our Cycler as cheerful and entertaining as possible!

Moreover, we are going to build a lot of new money-making websites - and add a part of the revenues coming from those websites to the Reset Fund which will be used to repay people who still have uncycled positions in the Cycling Queue!

Embrace yourself, as the fun doesn’t end here!
A Referral Contest was announced when EU launched. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about that: the Referral Contest is still ongoing and all the members with at least 1 active referral (who either holds the RPs of EU or has an active Membership at PI) will be considered the participants of the Contest!

The winners of the Referral Contest will be announced on the day after the launch of the Cycler. The winners of the Contest will share a total of $1000 worth of RPs!

In addition, we have a small promotional offer for those who will buy a Membership during the prelaunch time: 11 days will be added to their Membership once the Cycler launches!

Currently, we accept BTC and many other crypto-currencies – feel free to choose BTC while buying AdPacks or a Membership to find out the details regarding the matter. Besides, we accept Payza, STP, PM and Payeer, Okpay (through the Payeer API), AdvCash and BankWire (a Support Ticket needs to be opened to complete the deposits in these two cases).

All the sites that will be created under the guidance of EU will be helping and backing up each other, the funds coming from the sales of the RP's of EU will be used for creating new products and websites, while the revenues from those products and websites will go towards paying dividends to the RP holders!

This is just the beginning, guys! Stick to us - and enjoy earning a passive and long-term

I truly hope that you,guys, will continue supporting and promoting us!

Please, don’t stop making new posts in different forums, on Facebook etc.

Slow. Steady.Effective!

Click Here To Join Now!


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