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From what I'm seeing, people are having MASSIVE success with YouTube...


It's not something I've got much experience with personally, but I've been looking into it over recent months and following some of the channels that interest me.


There are real people who have literally become multi-millionaires, and countless others making a comfortable living from uploading videos.


I don't mean those whose by chance have caught some random eye-popping event on video which has then gone viral... I'm talking about people putting in time every day to produce and upload content within their chosen niche, as well as response videos to others within that niche.


The people with real success have produced hundreds of videos, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and their videos get tens of thousands of views each.


We're talking a lot of time and focus put into producing this content, but it seems to be paying off for a lot more people in a big way than traditional IM models.


Monetization is chiefly via advertising so your earnings are directly related to number of views, although of course there's scope for promoting ebooks, merchandize, etc.


I'm even seeing people doing VERY well financially simply from uploading videos commenting on OTHER videos...


It's definitely an avenue worth looking at...

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Guest mrclean0325

I have been looking into this too. I read where, supposedly, 70 some percent of channel owners made over 6 figures. Though talking to some channel owners, they find it hard to believe the percentage is that high. I guess you get around $6 per thousand views from the ads. Some add CPA or affiliate offers into the mix or direct them to a squeeze page to build their list. I understand the ads pay more if they are actually clicked too. Just like anything else, you have to have a popular offer and get a LOT of traffic. Some just use the videos to promote their websites or products where they make the real money.

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You Tube is the place to be going forward. I have clients that got into it early that are making bank now, and my other half's channel has gotten him a regular column in a real print magazine in his niche, as well as a job as a technical consultant for a well known cable TV channel that airs documentaries on his niche and others.


The key is good content, and properly written video descriptions. I have found SEO to be invaluable on You Tube in getting his channel seen and subscribed to, because though his niche is extremely small, the keywords are all high competition. He's not selling any products yet, but the money he is making consulting for people (both TV people and small miners wanting claims assessed), writing magazine articles, and other things that have come along paid for his production gear, website, top of the line hosting on Wix, his Premier Pro video editing software, and all the website plugins he;ll ever need--with cash left over.


His channel link is in my sig file--you'll see he doesn't run ads. And FYI, his total "production setup":


1. 3 portable LED spotlights, 30.00 each on Amazon

2. 1 wireless mic , 80.00 Amazon (for the top of the line)

3. 1 digital video camera-- 389.00 on Amazon, on sale, including (2) 40.00 rechargeable batteries

4. 1 4x8 piece of whiteboard, bought for 20.00 at Home Depot and screwed to the wall :-).

5. 1 tripod, bought from a thrift shop for 3.00

6. Adobe Premier Pro--20.00 a month.

7. Wix Website Hosting, the most expensive package--I believe it's 140.00 a year or something.


So the equipment came to around 500.00, and the website and software was the rest. We then had a computer custom built for him, for video rendering--that cost 350.00. Blazing fast. And the antivirus is Symantec Endpoint, the Enterprise Edition, we protect our home network very well.


We could have done it cheaper--we know one local here that got his production setup together for less than 200.00 with careful shopping at pawn shops and on craigslist. My other half has ZERO tech skills, and hates any computer that doesn't speak DOS and run 5 1/4 inch floppies (that's what his other computer does. Seriously). But with the new software, and essentially idiot proof video cameras, he is making some decent if not stellar videos.

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Interested in Hard Rock Gold Mining? Check Out My Other Half's You Tube Channel -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbcYhenGjigBC5GgEjEANLQ

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I had a lot of success roughly four years ago reviewing clickbank products with talking head videos on YouTube, as well as some other affiliate programs.


In a few months I had 5 channels with hundreds of subscribers on each one and 5 figure total views on each channel.


I quickly ran into problems due to the fierce competition that exists among marketers on YouTube. Once a channel gets shut down, GOOD LUCK getting it back up!


It's not fun watching your income go to zero. Only to have to start uploading videos onto a new channel all over again.

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