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Guest mrclean0325

Off the top of my head you can try iwriter, hirewriters, freelancer, odesk, and warrior forum in the warrior for hire section. "Good" is a subjective term depending on what you are looking for. I have never hired a writer from these sites, but have written for some of them.

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Guest mrclean0325

I've often wondered if it is worth writing for them and once I gert my own pages stable, if it is worth hiring others. I'd love to know what you find out!


On many of the freelancing site you are required to bid on a job. This is a frustrating experience in most cases as you will end up working for the lowest common price per article which isn't much. I prefer HireWriters and iWriter since there isn't bidding and you pick and choose which jobs you want. The pickings are slim though most of the time finding stuff you like doing. I do more at HireWriters though when I have the urge since they pay out every Friday and it is just a $10 minimum so your funds aren't tied up if they have nothing to write for. I have made a few hundred in a week using them, though I have also had ZERO weeks too and everything in between.


If you are good at making a "Top List" type article, listverse.com pays well if you can crank out a few a week. Writing for a website is agood gig if you can get it, but they are excruciatingly slow in paying sometimes.


Since most people see articles as a necessary evil, they can get articles (though crappy ones) for cheap on the freelancing sites, and don't understand the SEO value of good content - it becomes a sales job to get better writing gigs for any decent amount through the other places. The worst thing you can do is low-ball your offer thinking once you get them they will keep you in work. Some have shut down even before they start and so does your payment.


The problem I have had hiring others is nobody cares about the quality of your site more than you do. To get good writer or copywriter will require spending some cash. Using the freelancing sites is sometimes a back and forth effort for them to get it the way you want it and you usually have to rewrite it yourself to get what you want. Then you have to copyscape it to make sure it isn't something scraped from another site and get duplicate content penalties or it is copy-written material that will get you sued or worse.


Though once you find someone who does good, quick turnaround work - it is a pleasure to behold! Unless you find others who can replace you, you will have an online JOB and never get to the "Internet Lifestyle Dream" since you will constantly be doing it all yourself. Ahh, the life of a writer!

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I just watched a webinar about quality content and got what I consider a real nugget for individuals who are trying to perfect SEO.  The Webinar was sponsored by spinwriter.com.  These guys will write your articles and then submit them for you.   They will also

rpovide seed articles for you so you can spin the content into several articles.


The guy who created the softwareAaron, was a warrior member  I got to test it years

years ago when article marketing was really HOT.  I  recently used the software and

while I was not impressed withe the grammatical,syntax etc. of the spun articles

the software gave me several versions of my original article.  


The nugget that I got from the Webinar was to use Wikipedia to get relevant words

for your article. Not LSI words but words that are relevant  

Per the webinar Google looks for relevance as part of the content Google is concerned about

what the consumer is actually searching for and what you offer. So I

took a couple of the articles that were written or rewritten for me with Spin writer

and interspersed it with some relevant words from wikipedia synonyms

to slightly change the meaning of the articles but not the focus.  My point is that you

can get seed articles written for your key words  based on this info

spin them then check them again use grammerly, your work autocorrect


But you must proof the articles thorougly before posting them

good writers can be expensive but there are several who offer their

services in the Warrior forum for pennies but if you need a constant

flow of new content you might want to get your seed articles written

use the rewriter to expand them then check check and recheck.

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Guest mrclean0325

To preface the following, I am no "SEO expert" but I have enough hours in researching it and have written enough post, articles, and whatnot that have generated a lot of sales and traffic for people.


I am not so sure I would agree with the "synonym" thing since it has always been a staple of spinners. The value of spinners has been serious depreciated since the last few Google updates from the duplicate content implementation. LSI is still an important factor in the context of the page for where to put it in the search engines. LSI looks for relevant words in association with the keywords to basically put context to the article. Using synonyms may change the words but not usually the context of the article.


You have to have a proper article to begin with and all the spinning in the world won't make a poor article good.


SEO is still pretty much a pseudoscience in it is all based on "educated guesses" as to what the search engines are looking for and trying to outsmart them. I have seen demos of lots of software to supposedly put you on page one and some do, for about 12 hours then you are gone. Some have even went so far as using a high ranking page in their ads that never used or heard of them before. Many of the SEO expert site things to emphasize Googles Matt Cutts has said they don't even look at anymore. So many contradictions...


If it were all so cut and dried, why aren't all of the SEO experts sites on page one all the time? Why are they selling other stuff and their services if they are getting so much "free" SEO traffic to their sales pages? Just dumb questions I ask myself when I see these type of things. Just like why does the guy with the "gold mine" to millions sell it for $7 as a WSO?


The simplest thing to do (in my opinion as I am kinda old fashion) is to do a search for what you are selling and see what is the top sites for the keyword and look at the site and articles and REALLY see why it is ranked the way it is. does it give good info? Does it have any grammar or punctuation errors? What kind of words is it using? How are the paragraphs broken down? Are there bullet points? Are there section headings? How long is it? How many sentences per paragraph? What keywords are they using? What LSI terms and synonyms do they use? Are the articles or posts  just informational or is it selling something?


Then you need to look at the site itself. It is proper HTML? What title is the article? Does the articles tell a story or is more fact based? Are there images? Are the images tagged and described? Are the links described? Is the site mobile friendly? Do the images scale properly? Is it well organized and easily navigable? Is the site fast loading? What inbound and outbound links does it have? How much advertising does it have? Are there AdSense ads or something else? Is it WordPress or something else? What else is on the site? How many pages? How old? What is the domain name of the site? What "attitude" does the site convey? Does the site actually sell anything?


These are all things the search engines are supposed to use to rank your site.


There is a bit more than just a good article to get better search engine rankings. You can have the best article in the world on a site that to the bot looks like a hot mess and not get any rankings. You see the bot that crawl your site looks at the "text version" which is based on the actual code, not what people see in a normal web browser. Look at the site the article is going on with a text browser and see what it looks like, you may be shocked at what the bots are seeing.


The closer you can emulate a top ranking site, the easier it is to rank it. Emulate - NOT copy. I have had too much of my stuff directly copied over the years and it sucks.


You also have to remember an Internet search engine is a popularity contest and if your site is getting traffic by other means - they don't want to be left out of the party and will rank it. You can have a great site with no traffic and not rank since they see it as "not popular" as nobody is visiting. You can have a crap article on a popular site that will rank high too. Then there is the bounce rate. If it is high from many visitors who don't click on anything or stay on it for any length of time, it is also deemed not popular. This is even if your keywords are great, your articles are great, and your site is great. You still have to prime the pump to get anything out.


Then it all comes back to after spending all the time and effort to get to page one even for a fleeting moment, would doing something else have made you more money for the time spent? The money you made from all the SEO, would you have made more just building a list, buying solos, paying for ads, or some other traffic generation process? I know a few people who obsess over SEO and spend weeks (or months) working on their site and finally get to page one and then crickets...LOTS of traffic but no sales and a LOT of wasted time because the site itself didn't convert. Ooops!


Not that optimizing things is bad, but there are a LOT of moving parts involved. When you look at some of the top sites, you scratch your head since most don't follow what the "experts" are telling you to do.


Sorry for the rant but I have been down the SEO rabbit hole. I get people all the time asking for articles or posts written a certain way that doesn't make a lot of sense for their site and what they are trying to accomplish. As I ask why they want them that way; it is usually, "I read an article", "I saw a webinar", or "my friend told me". I look at who walks the talk...I don't brave a new path since it is easier to emulate those that have actually done it and just follow in their lead.


Stepping off the soapbox now.... :P

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One important point to remember about hiring writers is to check the work. I would recommend getting samples of their work before hiring them and checking the work when it's done. Before you hire, it is also a good idea to check out their feedback from previous work. If you order in bulk, make sure you read all of the articles. In my experience, I have encountered writers who are willing to include crap articles (I.E. just a nonsensical collection of words and phrases). Should you encounter such force a revision of such or refuse to pay. I had a similar situation recently and was forced to get admin arbitration to get it settled. As a final note, it is also important to make sure the writer understands what you want.

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Hi, I have found one that is actually both a writer and a spinner. I love it It is very productivity and the quality is the best on the market. It's called spin writer.

It's well worth checking out the let you try it i dont know if its free after that or not though.



Good Luck Hope this helps




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