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 Cash Rally GPS is about: " How to make money helping the people behind you"

  It is an innovative and also a good looking program. Many well-known marketers are in, this means something!

  It works like a simple 5x1 matrix and you get also: Spillover, Matching Bonuses and Passive Cash.


  Link to see (lot of videos):




 There are three main components that work in synergy to create personal cash flow:


 Watch the video: Cash Rally GPS 2016


1. GPS Matrix

Tiny 5x1 Forced Matrix with auto re-entry

Our primary Get Paid System (GPS), is our unique forced matrix structure with Auto Re-entry.  It only takes 5 to fill and you are paid as you go.  It has some very unique features found only in Cash Rally GPS.


2. GPS Match

50% on First, 100% Third, and 50% on Fith positions

Those who refer others are rewarded.  Introducing the GPS Match.  

You will earn a 50% Percent Matching Bonus on anyone you refer very first position filled.  You will also earn a 150% GPS Match on any one you refer third position filled.  A whopping 150%.  And there's even another, 50% on the fifth position.


3. GPS Bonus Pool

A passive member's dream

Do passive members earn here?  Absolutely, they do.  Introducing the GPS Bonus Pool.

Every time 3 new members join Cash Rally GPS, One member will receive $10.  Completely passive cash.

No recruiting, No referring, Nothing!


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