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If you want to try mining, eobot.com is still legit. Its ROI is a loooooong one, 6-21 months and also their ROI is updated regularly as the bitcoin price volatility.

You can get one of their equipment if their operating fee is higher than its income.

There also live chat with other members so you can ask anything there.

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I joined  many to study and at the same time check whether they are legit or scam. Surprisingly those who open a site for it are not genuine of their profiles and whereabout.  There is nothing wrong with the cryptocurrency  and its been created for good reason but its the problem of its molester that designed so call systems to scam people.. If you go into coinomia facebook you can read some people are unhappy and some are happy. (Read more here : http://autobinarysignalssoftwarereviews.com/coinomia-review/)    For those that are happy to get paid at any sites, they are  not getting any profits For conclusion I could say, what people did to create money making  with money currency and its the same happen with bitcoin. People have to be careful and be knowledgeable. Maybe there are good ones out there who knows?

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I have also joined Genesis-mining.

Anyone who knows about this site?

Have been around since 2013 so it is possibly not a scam site?


I don't think it is good to buy hash power from any mining business. They generally make it so you barely make any profit if at all. Your best bet is just to buy and hold the coin yourself if you believe it will continue to increase in value.

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