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Viral Sales 2.0 is Here!


Get Paid To Double Your Money 


Product Reselling:


Purchase one of my random daily downloads and i'll resell it for double the cost and send you the money at point of sale.


3rd Party Advertisers:


During the sales process 3rd party ads and popups will be shown to all customers, the income generated from these advertisements ensures the success and longevity of the website. This gives YOU peace of mind in knowing that the server fees will always be paid so that you can continue doubling your money indefinitely.


Step by Step Example:


1: You buy something (someone gets paid directly). 

2: I'll resell it for double (you will get paid directly). 

3: That customer will receive the exact same offer to resell that item for double yet again while continuing to repeat the process. 



The money doubling process is 100% optional YET ALSO 100% guaranteed, you can either download your product instantly (DO NOT LOG IN) OR keep it in the system to be resold at 2X (MUST BE LOGGED IN).



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