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I try to recommend You2surf



The Owner is Marcel from netherland and have been long time at Industry..

the zubee zone coins its not easy but fun to collect...:-)
free member : 77, 222, 555
upgrade : 33, 222, 333

you will earn from:

1. contest referral every month : Get the most referrals for this month and earn a share of $10 cash!
Your referrals need to have claimed their welcome bonus before they count to this contest.

2. Jackpot every week : based on member activity

3. contest promoter every week :Promote you2surf the most for this week and earn a share of $10 cash!
Only views on the list of sites in this page count towards the totals. need at least 1000 views before count..

4. surfing hand every saturday : you need surf 55 pages at yousurf and 2 other sites..its like hullabaloo&surf party

5. ticket every week :The Ticket Game is a weekly game we play and where you can win additional prizes.
How more tickets you collect while surfing the bigger the change your tickets is drawn.

You can earn commissions by promoting You2Surf Traffic Exchange using the tools on our Affiliate Toolbox page.
The minimum payout is $15 for Upgraded members and $20 for Free members.
No need to request a payout. As long as your status is active, you have met the minimum requirements for payout and you have entered valid payment information in your profile page - we will send your commissions to your Paypal account on Friday or Saturday.

he paid me from 2013 since joining..
Date     Buyer     Product     Commission     Status
2013-12-28     N/A     Signup Bonus     1.000     Paid
2014-04-19     N/A     Surfhand Prize     0.030     Paid
2014-05-10     N/A     Surfhand Prize     0.010     Paid
2014-05-24     N/A     Surfhand Prize     0.010     Paid
2014-05-31     N/A     Promoter Contest Prize     0.140     Paid
2014-05-31     N/A     Pick a Hand     0.020     Paid
2014-06-07     N/A     Run Game     0.020     Paid
2014-06-07     N/A     Pick a Hand     0.010     Paid
2014-06-07     N/A     Pick a Hand     0.280     Paid
2014-06-07     N/A     Surf Reward     0.060     Paid
2014-06-14     N/A     Promoter Contest Prize     0.440     Paid
2014-06-14     N/A     Pick a Hand     0.010     Paid
2014-06-14     N/A     Surfhand Prize     0.010     Paid
2014-06-15     N/A     Run Game     0.010     Paid
2014-06-21     N/A     Promoter Contest Prize     0.420     Paid
2014-06-28     N/A     Promoter Contest Prize     0.240     Paid

Sites reset at 7.00 PM zz time..



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