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Yes, sorry Paul. This owner is very bad. I removed him from our team after horrible abusive language to our members, and as Frank says. He practically begged people to support him and then deleted everyone's account and is not refunding them. Upgrades, login spotlights, referrals, everything they had is gone. He's still abusing people via skype. Please warn everyone you know, do not spend money with this man :angry:  I was actually considering opening a thread here in the scams section. I might still

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I have to agree with my ZZ friends on this one.


In a span of a couple weeks, James opened a site then closed the site after going on a verbal assault to the same people that

supported him, and at least a few of them upgraded.  Oh, and no refunds even though the site was barely launched.


Then he reopens the site after wiping out everyone's account which also included all commissions owed.  Btw, he is still calling

his customers moochers...he really knows how to convince members to upgrade.


If you are after the login zubees then get them while you can but as far as spending money with James, three diamonds are not

worth the amount of trouble this 'owner' provides.

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stellarhits.com is a very professional looking site. From the look of it I didn't hesitate to join.


But knowing the behavior of the owner I wouldn't have joined.


Maybe, the owner will learn from his past mistakes and grow. :)

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