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Hi, everybody


I would like to give you a very good suggestion.


The site Show My Banners has a new and very active admin that provides you the possibility of posting unlimited banners and text ads.


In fact to get this, you only need to pay ONCE $5.99 and when you refer you EARN $2.75 for every referral, paid immediately! I got paid!


Just check it out and you will se that it really worth: http://showmybanners.xyz/index.php?referid=netswim31


I already got signups from here.


So, give it a chance.


Oh, I almost forgot to say that is running a big ref contest where first place get 40% of total amount. Inside you get all details.


Thanks for reading



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Not sure how much traffic you will receive when your banner is lost among 90+ other on-site banners.  I suggest

personalizing your banner and/or perhaps add a colored border - something to get visitors to notice you.


Not for me but good luck to you Manuela.

Hi, Greg!


Thank you for your opinion. In fact I usually do that! I use to make my own banners!


I'm happy to see that I'm doing good! ;-)

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