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Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic - Getting Visitors To Your Business


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Traffic in internet marketing terms means real people or visitors going to your website.

What you want is targeted traffic, that is real people interested in what you are offering.

Some free ways:
video and youtube marketing
article marketing (bum marketing)
social media posts (not paid ads)
press releases
traffic exchanges

Some paid ways:
solo ads
facebook ads (and other social media ads)

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I have always used a combination of free and paid advertising.  They both work. Free is more time-consuming.  Paid depends on your marketing budget.  I just found an affiliate program that let's you pay for ads (very reasonable) or sponsor people and use your commissions to pay for advertising or keep your commissions.

They have Over 95,000 Affiliates.  Does that tell you anything?



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Personally, I have used both free and paid traffic. I think the effectiveness of either really depends both on your ads and your audience. However I found one thing to be, consistency is important  if you really want to see results.

I am the Proud Owner of Surf Web Ads. 



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There is no such thing as "free" traffic or leads. You pay for both: one with cash and the other with sweat...

Lol that's right  pay with sweat but some of the few TE owners  tend to forget it.  They gave lots of credits but just a few  ads rotation. In 24 hour there will be  4 sites rotations.  I always thought that if surfed up to 300 sites, the ads may rotate more. Usually I will leave the sites.

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