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What Extras Do you Enjoy/ Get Results From Mailers?

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Almost every mailer offers other features besides just emailing members. But just the same with traffic exchanges only a few actually use them such as banner and text ads.


For those of you that do use the extras do you like it and what features do you enjoy the most and get the best results from?


Login Ads

Steal the spotlight

Premium ads

468x60 banner ads

Text Ads

Solos (Site wide or Multi Site)

Other not mentioned above...


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I really enjoy the Adchievements that Adchiever gives. Not just because this is another Darren Olander site, but because they are awesome. I am an upgraded member and I have gotten several free months of upgraded membership with my Adchievements!


The upgrade means I get to email the entire list of over 10400 and I get 6000 free without the use of credits!


I also like Multi Site Solos!

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Solo ads, yes, as long as there's not too many. Multi-site solos - NO


The reason I say that is because those multi-site or "network" solos absolutely

kill CTRs at the mailers that have them. Some of the mailers I belong to started off

being very responsive until they added network solos, and then the CTRs plummeted to nearly non-existent. Some to the point I don't even use them anymore.


Oh sure, they're great for using to reach more people without having to join more mailers, but the members of those particular mailers suffer because of it.

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Jackie, regarding the network solos, the CTR only went down because the owners of those sites were rewarding members (almost always) with 3Xs the points for clicking on the network supers over regular solos, but we are starting to see a change now.. many owners are starting to switch over to equal points or even more points for clicking on membership solos over network solos. I will be make this same change on all of my sites very soon...
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I agree with Jim. My prime motivation of opening mails in Adchiever are the Adchievements. I had taken a yearly upgrade but after that i have kept on extending my upgrade just because of opening my mails on a consistent basis.


I like Steal the spotlight feature which i keep using in Instabucksmailz, Puffin mailer, 4 aces mailer

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I keep using the Steal the Spotlight feature at various sites as well.... have you been getting a response on that?... I haven't pinpointed my tracking down to that level yet... but may set up a special page to test that soon.


And thanks to everyone who explained the what adchievements can me used for... I've earned some, but was not aware of that :)

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I tend to focus a lot more on the mailing than on the other things. However, I do try to keep banners/text ads keyed in.


I also try to keep pages running in some traffic exchanges.


Too many things on one site can really confuse me at first. I'm sure I leave out a lot of advertising I could do in some of them.




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I don't like any of those extras, all that crap just gets in the way of what I am wanting to do, in my opinion.. I can't stand getting 3 Login Offers then see some guys login ad then have to search through a sea of banners to find my info I'm after...


The steal the site thing I thought was new then I joined more mailers and found it every.. I did it one time and it felt like so much more work than it was worth.. I really dislike things that get in the way of what I'm trying to do, and selling all these extra ads is all just stuff that gets in my way.. things that make me less likely to want to continue using a site (although I know login ads ARE effective, but they still annoy the crap out of me)

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