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 A Web 2.0 social network designed for online business owners and marketers, which really does
have everything needed to build the perfect platform for YOUR online success!
The features are awesome, not only can you network and share your content with other people in the same industry, which
is VITAL for success, but you can also build a 5 to 8-level deep downline that you can contact every 5 days! VIRALLY!
All messages are sent internally, guaranteeing a 100% deliverability rate. You also get 10% of the credits ALL the people in
your downline receive! Credits are used to determine how much money you get from the revenue sharing pool.
You can also get access to the internal mailer system that allows you to contact up to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That's
up to 60,000 messages sent EVERY month! You can also submit articles, upload photos and videos... and so much more!
The site was built from scratch, which allowed the owners to do EXACTLY what they wanted to do with it... These guys are
serious about helping YOU be successful online. There is no space in this email for more, so rush over to the site now!
To YOUR Success,
Stephane Tourigny
P.S. - I really look forward getting to know you and networking with you in the fastest growing online business social network!
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