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Amazing Advertising System


1 - THEY PAY YOU & I to advertise our businesses on their site!
2 - THEY PAY 3-TIERS of referral commissions.
5 - THEY PAY withdrawal requests up to $1,000 per day.

They are just getting ready to launch om 1st Mar 2017 and your timing couldn't be any better.





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Make your DD before joining this program, please !


Yes, there are serious problems that have surfaced at InstantRevShare. One admin fired for alleged unprofessional conduct, and the other rumored to be in rehab because of the drama of it all. Both are holding the invested money.


Existing members can check their email.

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Hmm, reading further information obtained indirectly from the "fired admin". It appears that there was a disagreement between admins about which direction they were taking the program in. Their firing of this admin caused them to lose their domain and licensing (which she holds). I must say, her side of the story seems honest enough. I advise that anyone who doesn't want to move forward with this business which is looking very shaky at this point, but spent money, use the email address they used for their payment and try to get a refund through direct contact with email. My friend has just received a promise of a refund, but I don't want to give more details. Just try and see if you are successful. Basically, it could depend on how and when (who) you paid.

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To update here.


Shortly after I posted this, I received the same reply from the so-called "fired admin", explaining the situation, and promising to return my money to me.


I have since received my money back via STP from Patricia Dauphinais (Tricia).


Congratulations for getting your money back. Ego clash or difference of opinion or whatever ruined a business which was poised for a good growth. But thank god it happened in the initial stages.

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