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If you are promoting ClickBank products, you may know this alreay, CB gives you one ID and lets you make commissions on all the products CB vendors have listed with CB, so you do not have to apply to be an affiliate for each product individually as on other affiliate sites, like JV Zoo, Warroir Plus, etc. ... you also receive payment of all your commissions directly from ClickBank, not individually from each vendor.

With this advantage in mind, I have set up a web page which you can use to promote multiple CB products with one link!

It looks like this ,,,  http://get-your.info - you can have your own link to this page, with your own CB ID and photo, like in this example here ... http://get-your.info/4.php?v=102


You have the link once I add you to my affiliate list. Just send me the link to your photo with your name, email and CB ID so you can start to promote it and earn good commissions on 50% of the CB products on this list.

Let me know in a reply right here if you have any questions or comments ...

Franto Hruz in Toronto


-- == Join me at the Viral Marketing Centre for some advanced strategies and mutual support == --


Skype - franto.hruz / Twitter - @f_hruz 

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