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How to Use Crowdfire for Twitter to Get More Followers

Kevin J Timothy

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Want more Twitter followers?


There's this cool third party Twitter app called Crowdfire.


It has to be the coolest thing ever!


What is Crowdfire?


It's simply a Twitter (and Instagram) management system.  All you have to do is visit Crowdfire and sign in to your Twitter account.  You may have to sign up first.  Once you do the experience will prove to be worth the effort.  Once in focus your attention to the left column.  All the tools you will EVER need for Twitter are right there. 






If you're new to marketing on Twitter if I were you I would start out by clicking Keyword Follow.  The sky is the limit from there.  Search for keywords related to your niche and peruse through the results.  Follow who you like.  BEFORE YOU KNOW IT your Twitter audience will grow.  Give Crowdfire a try.  


Follow wisely...because free members only get to follow up to 25 daily.  The unfollow limit for free members is 100. 

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I've used quite a bit of social media (Twitter) third party tools but this one has its stuff together.  Yes, it is VERY useful...and I'm just referring to the free membership!  I can only imagine the Twitter (or Instagram) growth I will see if I were to upgrade. 

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