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[STAY AWAY] Betasender TEST. (new autoresponder)

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Yesterday i've seen an ads regarding this new autoresponder

called Betasender.




It has the automation like ActiveCampaign, with "Go To" feature too (it allows

you to set a contact to go to another point of the automation), and unbelievable...


..is FREE til 5000 contacts.


Perfect for newbie i thought, may be good to send to my list.


BUT it sounds TOO GOOD to be true.


So i give it to check to my friend who's a Tech Expert, Hosting Provider, etc, 

and he gave me these screenshots:




He said " Betasender starts its emails from here limestonenetworks.com

I would not trust a lot

reverse is not configured and ip blacklist"




It's a BRAND NEW autoresponder and if it starts with ips in blacklist

even at the beginning....


...figure out what would be in the future!


Tell me what do you think.

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Thanks for the info John.


There are just too many established options to take a chance of damaging your name with a questionable autoresponder.


I agree! I don't understand why many people choose to flirt with disaster where autoresponders are concerned. The focus seems to be on the ability to "house" an unlimited number of subscribers. I don't see the point if you have to compromise on the quality of service - particularly email delivery. 
The primary complaint seems to be the autoresponder cost increasing as the subscriber count does the same. My advise would be to curate your subscriber list and clean periodically. Over time you'll have an increasingly responsive list, AND the right prospects. These are the prospects that will cover the cost of having a quality autoresponder.
When it comes to autoresponders I prefer to have quality; not quantity. In your quest for finding the right one, do consider the 30 day test drive AWeber offers. 
Allow me to add an example:
I sell on eBay, and I rely on AWeber's Paypal integration. This means that each time a sale
is complete, the eBay customer is automatically 
placed on a campaign I've created. 
This is just ONE of the features that is 
important to me and what I do. 
Not all autoresponders are created equal, but
certainly do not base them solely on cost/subscriber ratio.
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