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Hi Jim,


My #1 favorite for tracking clicks and conversions is Jon Olson - Tim Tech's Trck Me (my link is at the bottom).


The reason I love this service so much is that it works extremely well and is easy to use. It shows me exactly where my clicks are coming from and even which sites are getting me the best conversion rates. I have found it to be something I simply cannot live without :-)


It tracks banners, too -- both impressions and clicks.


While you are using this to track, you also have the option of showing your photo and social site links at the top of your page. I do that a lot, because it gets me extra signups for the tracking service without even trying.


I have been very impressed with this service. It helps me to know which sites I should focus the most on when I advertise.



They have a free trial so you can test it for yourself. You may like it as much as I do.





Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

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Jim, there are several free tracking companies.

I have used bitly quite a bit, and it gives you

a decent break down of your stats.


I like to promote free utilities, because there are

portions of the marketing world who just can not afford

to pay for utilities and services. These people need the

free resources, because otherwise they would have nothing.


Do I think that bitly is a great service, and the only one

that you need? NOPE. Tracking your links is one of the most

important things that a marketer can do. Without it, how are

you going to evaluate if an exchange is effective or not.

Tracking is crucial. Find something that works for you,

and that is worth the money.


As for any tracking site, you must always check your links.

I was using TimTech's tracking site that they had before

Trck.me, i believe that it was called TEToolbox. This site

stopped working, and all of my links were coming up a blank page.

This was happening for quite a while.


There were many people using TEToolbox, who did not notice that

the site stopped working, and so they were wasting advertising.

You must be careful of this.


I am not saying that you should not use Trck.me because of TEtoolbox.

I am only saying that regardless what tracking that you use, make sure

that you test out your own links weekly or daily. Even an industry

leaders sites go down, and you must protect your own business.

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For on-site analytics/tracking, Google Analytics covers and exceeds all needs that I've had, though as Sean pointed out, can take a bit of a learning curve to understand. For basic data, however, it's not too challenging to grasp early on.



Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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Sorry to hear about your experience and that is great learning. Always check your links!


What are you using to measure your marketing efficiency and effectiveness, now?


Sean and Matt,


Are you saying use google to shorten your links and google analytics to measure your traffic, etc.


Without teaching a training, which I would sign up for, how would I use google analytics to measure the traffic that I get off of my trck.me link in the post above. Or is that possible.


You guys may be talking about traffic to your respective sites, what say you?

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Talking about this site right here which by the way is free and when set up will track EVERYTHING. Im talking about where the person came from, keywords, domain, where your sales where generated or optins where made etc. http://www.google.com/analytics


I think a product is in order ;) Ill get to working on it come tomorrow and put it on the to do list. If more people knew how to use it and learn how powerful it is we could start seeing some real results in peoples tracking.

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William - TE Toolbox links never stopped working. They still work, the only reason they would have stopped working is if you did not pay for your membership.


Paula - thanks for the kind words, we've got so many cool things coming up for Trck.me. It's going to be an amazing summer!!!

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I have used various trackers but my favourite is Trck.me


In most of the trackers that i had used i was able to analyze from where i am getting the hits. But from Trck.me i am able to understand which splash is better received based on the clicks i get to my splash. Based on that i modify my advertising campaigns.


I have been tracking for clicks to my splash. I occasionally do tracking for form submission as conversions but when i am advertising splashes alone, choosing form submissions as conversions did not help. I have been able to understand and improve upon my results after using Trck.me and after starting to use splashes made through Adkreator the results have been awesome. For click/conversion tracking, i am very thankful to Trck.me


Jim, I am glad that you have started to use Trck.me. It is worth remaining upgraded here.


With my best wishes,


Milind Koppikar

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Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying it and I have just started split testing on trck.me. It is awesome. They have done a great job and I look forward to what the timtech crew has up for us this summer.


I have yet to migrate some of my links and I will do that in the next several weeks.


John Olson thanks for your comments and explanation on tetoolbox.com.


Sean, I for one, look forward to your training.


What say anyone else, what are you using and why? What do you want to see that you do not?



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The absolute best is Google Analytics.. and it's free, surprise!


Although I'd only use it inside your site because the data in it is very useful and can get highly diluted if you use it on splash pages too, generally I would use one of the many tracking sites. LFMTE sells a tracking add-on now so many Traffic Exchanges now have full featured tracking so finding a decent tracker is the easy part, just be careful about the stability of the server the tracker is on because if their server goes down then all your links will be going to a blank page... test around, try several, and stick with the one that seems to fulfill most of your needs.


As far as what do you use? I use my own (Affiliate Toolbox) for link tracking, and analytics for internal site tracking (goals / flow)



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I use hitsprosper for my tracking. As a newbie to network marketing it is a great tool for me. 

However, I have heard that Google Analytics is the best.


There are several programs that provide pre trackers.

Lorrie Furbert

Independent Representative Surge365

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