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Will You Like To Automatically Receive Payments Instantly & Directly To Your Payment Or Bank Accounts ?
Will You Like To Receive Payments Without The Need To Refer Or Sponsor Anyone ?
Will You Like To Get Access To Tools That Will Automatically Generate Money For You Online ?
Do You Love To Start Getting Paid Without Waiting For Days Or Months ?
Will You Like To Get Paid Within Five Hours Today ?

Do You Love To Automatically Receive The Following Payments Starting Today :


$0.50 – Within Five Hours

$1.50 – Within Twenty-Four Hours
$6 – Within Three Days
$60 – Within Three Weeks
$800 – Within Two Months
$8,000 – Within Six Months
$40,064 – Within One Year



If Your Answer Is Yes

Join Us On 2X9BitMax Today


Our Tools Will Start Working For You & Get You Paid Instantly & Directly To Your Payment Or Bank Account.
You Will Start Receiving Payments Within Five Hours.
You Don’t Need To Personally Advertise To Get Paid
You Don’t Need To Recruit / Refer / Sponsor Anyone To Get Paid
Our Tools Will Automatically Generate The Payments For You From 2X9BitMax.
2X9BitMax is a program that is using 2 X 9 Member To Member Payment Matrix System where there are Nine Levels to go through and all everyone needs is Two People to be placed under them to fill up their Level One and move to Level Two.
Payment & Confirmation Is Automatic. There is No Waiting For Your Upline To Confirm Your Payment.
The System Will Automatically Do This For You The moment It Is Confirmed By Bitcoin which will happen within minutes.



The Levels & Payments You Will Receive Are ( In Bitcoin & Dollars ) :

Level One – 0.0002 ( 2 Times ) = 0.0004 btc Or $0.50
Level Two – 0.0003 ( 4 Times ) = 0.0012 btc Or $1.50
Level Three – 0.0006 ( 8 Times ) = 0.0048 btc Or $6
Level Four – 0.003 ( 16 Times ) = 0.048 btc Or $60
Level Five – 0.02 ( 32 Times ) = 0.64 btc Or $800
Level Six – 0.10 ( 64 Times ) = 6.40 btc Or $8,000
Level Seven – 0.25 ( 128 Times ) = 32.00 btc Or $40,064
Level Eight – 1.00 ( 256 Times ) = 256.00 btc Or $320,512

Level Nine – 4.00 ( 512 Times ) = 2048.00 btc Or $2,565,120



Total = 2343.0944 btc Or $2,934,564.



If you join Our Team, we will help you to start getting these payments within Five Hours today. We have Tools we are using to automatically attract people to programs from :

Thousands Of Facebook Groups & Pages

Hundreds Of Google Plus Communities
Top Forums
Top Safelists
Top Traffic Exchange Sites

Offline Advertising Using Flyers & Posters.


All we have to do is get Two People to sign up using your Link and they will pay directly to your Payment or Bank Account. We will get them from Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Google Plus / MLMGateway / IboToolBox / Forums / Safelists / Traffic Exchange Sites / Offline Advertising using Flyers & Posters within Five Hours Today.
Once we get you the Two People, your earnings will start and others that comes in after will be paying you other Payments.



Cost of Joining is - $0.25



  If You Join Our Team, You Have To Pay For Level One, Two & Three At Once. So That Everyone Will Make Money Faster.
The Fee For The Three Levels Is :


Level One – $0.25

Level Two – $0.38

Level Three – $0.75

Total – $1.38



Official Payment Method Is :

Bitcoin ( BlockChain & CoinBase Only )


You can create account with CoinBase Or Blockchain.info to have your own Bitcoin Account. It is free and easy to create. No Verification is needed. Once you create it, you can start using it.
You Can Pay With Other Form of Payment Method Through Us. All You Have To Do Is Indicate How You Want To Pay But You must Have A Bitcoin Account To Receive Your Payments. It Is Free.


 Click This Link To Register On The Site Directly & Be A Member Of Our Team ( Our Sponsoring Link is Included. You must Join Through It & Must Upgrade To Level One, Two & Three To Be Consider A Member Of Our Team ) : 
You Have Twenty Four ( 24 ) Hours To Upgrade To Level One. You Will See The Time Counter In Your Dashboard. If You Fail To Upgrade Before It Gets To Zero, You Will Be Deleted.
If You Need Help On Anything Including Paying For Your Level One, Two, Three, Check & Fill The Form Here :




There is way you can become a member and be receiving payments without paying money out of Your Pocket.
There are sites where you can claim Free Bitcoins Every Five Minutes. You can join them and claim Free Bitcoins. When you have up to the amount you need to Join Us, you can get registered and pay for your membership from the Free Bitcoin received.
Go Here To Start Claiming Free Bitcoins Every Five Minutes Starting Today.
You Can Reach Us Through :

BBM – D3D478A5

Skype – oluseunsina
IMO – 2349058250452
Viper – 2349058250452
Whatzapp – 2349058250452

Phone – 2348107177858 / 2349058250452.



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For Joining Us on This Program,


         Our Team will help get your Business / Programs shown to Six Thousand Plus Members as First Page They See Every Time they Log In and also display Your Business / Programs Banners & Text Adverts To Thousands of Members For Free. 


And Get You Eligible To Request & Get Paid : 


        $0.50 – Within Five Hours Today


        $1.50 – Within Twenty-Four Hours


        $6 – Within Three Days


        $60 – Within Three Weeks


        $800 – Within Two Months


        $8,000 – Within Six Months 


Without Advertising / Recruiting Downlines 


All Work Will be done for you 


All you have to do is become a member with $0.25 One Time Payment.

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this is an awesome program. such a small investment for such a huge return on investment. i'm a member of an active team build (just joined it and already seeing lots of signups). i like programs like these.

Anyone Can Make Money with This…
All you have to do is follow two steps to turn
on your money machine that spits out ever-
increasing amounts of cash… NON-STOP…on AUTO-PILOT!


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