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Does your network marketing company make you successful?

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Many new distributors in network marketing think that choosing a different network marketing company will make them successful. These distributors think that success is “outside” of them, and that the external factors will make the difference.


But success in network marketing is an “inside job.” You have to learn some skills. And if you don’t have skills, changing companies just means that you’ll be unsuccessful in a different company. If you can’t recruit now, changing companies won’t fix that.


In every network marketing company there are some successful distributors, and some unsuccessful distributors. So it is not the company that makes the difference.


Learn how to prospect, learn how to sponsor, learn how to build … that’s what will make the difference. Then you can be successful anywhere you choose.


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The pattern that I have seen is that some people start jumping from program to program and do not even try to understand what the products are. Then they say the company is over saturated. I am a member of Empower Network and I have seen people complaining that they can recruit a single person. So by typing their username I find their blog with zero posts. Then I ask them what auto-responder they are using. They answer something like: I don't need one to make money or something like I don't need that I have many friends on Facebook.


I think it has to do more with how serious a person takes his or her business and what are they willing to do to make things happen.

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That's definitely true Luis. You know, in Empower Network the basic product is still the viral blogging system that people can get, and the training that is offered to help people earn and get the right mindset to grow any business online and be successful.


It's important to know your product, to use it and if you're really convinced it has value (and is worth buying) and take some time to write down your experience and share it with others, people will join over time. I do understand that people might quit because they don't manage to get their first paid signup (yet), and it's often because they expect too much or because they still have a lot of things to learn about internet marketing (and don't have the patience to learn).


Some network companies provide really good training and help you step by step to learn more about the product and the skills needed to become successful promoting it.


The quality of prospects also depends on what kind of message you send them, or what kind of claim/promise you make to get them to opt-in or get started. Sometimes people start with the expectation to earn while they sleep without having to do much, and much has to do with the information they were given. When they realize it's not that easy at all, they either quit or they make the decision to invest more time (and money) in learning.



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