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Grab $1380 absolutely Free. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


LCFHC (Love China Feng Huang Coin) - (Company)

Rothschild IOT Investment Development (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
- CEO Ha, Yan Ting

Feng Huang Coin in Chinese, Phoenix Coin in English, is looking to exceed 100 Million Active Users
by end of June to close free entry registration, and begin business by July.

They are giving $1,380 absolutely free after being registered,
you also receive $100 free for each member you register.

All with 30% withdrawal/cash out.


Presently 1 Feng Huang Coin is about 50 cents.

You can trade internationally with it.


1. So with Company B - Shenzhen you need to be registered
on Beta site to receive these coin/cash - Free Accounts
Registration Closes On The 25th of June.
2. By joining now registered you receive $1380 (shopping points)
3. Register your directs and receive $100 per direct (shopping points)
These shopping dollars can be cashed out/ used to buy online products and can even buy coin.
4. Paid membership launching: July 1 2017
5. Global Corporate & Governments investment arms:
Paid membership launching: July 1 2017
6. This company is TOTALLY separate from Company A – Beijing.
If you don’t manage to register with this cash promo,
your registration with Company A – Beijing is safe and secure.
7. Grand Opening Ceremony to be held in China: September 2017.


Rank Bonus in USD (shopping points) :

1  $26 000
2  $50 000
3  $80 000
4  $110 000
5  $300 000
 All figures given are tentative and subject to change

Send me :
1. Name in English in capital letters.
2. Male/female.
3.Email address ( preferably Gmail )
4. Passport/ Driving license No or Number of any document with a photo proving your identity. (NRIC No)
5.Your phone number in international format 00.


I'll send you your username and password then you can change the password and activate your account.


Watch the information video


If you want to register directly, use this link

NRIC No is your passport or driving licence or Aadhaar card No.
Sponsor details
Sponsor ID  : ADITYA1304

Security password : teamavm


How to activate your account? Please watch this video




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Its good to be skeptical in networking business or even traditional business when big money and/or efforts are at stake.


But the motivating line we all use is " Imagine if there is even 1% chance that this will change your wealth status. Do you have any other options for that"?

In a free business like this one where you are getting $1380 for joining, the above motivational line is absolutely applicable. Being skeptical will not lead you anywhere.

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