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FaucetHub is a Middle-Micro site. Middle-Micro means it collects your Bitcoins, Dogecoin & Litecoin from different faucets and pays directly to your Bitcoin, Dogecoin & Litecoin wallet account once you have reach the minimum amount for cashout.

a. Bitcoin - 20000 satoshi or 0.0002 btc

b. Dogecoin - 10 DOGE

c. Litecoin - 0.01 LTC

Click the banner above to register.



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Why FaucetHub?
1. Trusted and highly recommended by 154,497 members.
2. Being used by 4821 faucets/websites.
3. Less hassle and very user friendly.
4. It's not just Bitcoin but it also accepts Dogecoin and Litecoin.

5.Very active chat room where members can discuss, ask for suggestions and help and Faucet owners are also allowed to advertise their own sites(read the chat rules).

6. More additional ways to earn more bitcoins aside from faucets earning:
    a. Chat rains - 50 active users every hour will received free bitcoins sent directly to their account balance.
       b. You can also earn free bitcoin tip from other users
       c. Offerwalls
       d. Games - Lottery, Dice & Rock Paper Bitcoin

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