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Peerfly now accepts social media traffic


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Now that's something!

Peerfly now accepts social media traffic!



Did you know that five new Facebook accounts are created every second? That’s a whole lot of likes! With an exponentially growing user base, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have become enormous sources of traffic for online marketers. Our industry is constantly reshaped by the world around us so from time-to-time we like to revisit our guidelines and make sure they meet the present needs of our affiliates.

NEW – Instagram Traffic on PeerFly


With an innovative, visually centered platform Instagram is quickly becoming the preferred social media outlet of celebrities, famous pets, e-commerce giants and even your favorite affiliate network.

We’re always excited to explore new sources of traffic so we’re now beginning to allow publishers to promote offers on Instagram on a case-by-case, approval basis.  Our guidelines for approval can be found below:

  • Offers may not be direct linked to PeerFly. You may set up a custom tracking domain.
  • Offers may not be promoted in comments.
  • You may not tag other users in promotional images (posts intended to drive users to PeerFly offers).
  • The number of promotional images posted per day should be limited, pages should balance promotional images with non-marketing content.
  • Any offer mentioned on Instagram must allow Social PPC.
  • Email submits may not be promoted on Instagram.
  • All Instagram campaigns must be approved by your Affiliate Manager before going live.


Updated Facebook Guidelines


Fan Pages

We began to allow publishers to promote offers on Facebook fan pages a couple years ago and we’ve seen some great campaigns come from it. As a result, we’ve relaxed our restrictions just a bit.

  • Offers may not be direct linked to PeerFly.
  • Offers must allow Social PPC.
  • Personal pages are not allowed.
  • Fan pages should be centered around a specific topic – Justin Bieber fans, traveling to France, Golden Retrievers. Pages devoted to posting offers are not allowed.
  • Creatives, links and pages need to be submitted to your Affiliate Manager for approval before going live.


With the launch of Sale Groups last year, Facebook groups have definitely grown in popularity. However, due to the potential for abuse we’ve mostly stayed away from them. If you own a Facebook group that you would like to monetize with affiliate offers, please contact your Affiliate Manger. No Facebook group promotion without written approval from PeerFly is allowed at this time.

Twitter Traffic


While previous disallowed, we have started to allow advertiser via Twitter’s paid advertising platform. Our guidelines are as follows:

  • Offer must allow Social PPC.
  • Offer may not be direct linked to PeerFly.
  • The ad copy, links and images you’re planning to use must be submitted to your Affiliate Manager for approval.

We will blast your offer at no cost if you join our team!

LG offers and any other particular future income streams!



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