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Royaltie Gem is an exciting, NEW Tech that Broadcasts

your personalized, 40 character notification to Every Android Phone within 100 yards!


Put one in your car, Your place of Business, ANYWHERE people congregate!


The applications are ENDLESS!


Offer incentives to customers/ clients for repeat business!


Shamelessly promote your brand/ website/ service/ number
EVERYWHERE YOU GO...without talking to a SINGLE PERSON!




Do you have a food truck? Are you a network marketer, R/E agent,

insurance agent, plumber, or handyman? Do you own a retail shop or restaurant?

Do you provide any type of mobile service?






NO wifi or data necessary, weather proof and 2 years of battery life.

We have an awesome affiliate program as well.



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Happy to report sign up #1 (that I know of) came in yesterday. A gentleman

called me and just wanted to know why I liked Royaltie Gem better than Asirvia

(the competition). He had watched my YT video (which is getting 30 views a day :D )

and found my number in the description.


The reason why I say I'm not quite sure is the co. is manually processing

orders at the moment because of the massive response to this product.


I have my link to promote, but do not have back office info yet.


If you would like the product and to get started as an affiliate, please visit:



My card also has not been charged and will not be until the product is shipped.


My sponsor has received his 3 Royaltie gems and has "field tested" them and is indeed

receiving clicks from the notifications sent to random people's android phones within

100 yards of the device.


And the fact you have another company, Asirvia, licensing the tech, from the source,

confirms this is a real product which can virtually revolutionize marketing and business

promotion as we know it.


The cool thing is, Royaltie is much less expensive than Asiriva and their "Go" Key fob

and does not have the affiliate fee or activation fee to get started. As well as the fact

you get a much more straightforward commission-based, payment plan with Royaltie and

it is a direct sales company. (sigh of relief!)



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This thing is totally hot and gaining momentum... FAST!


I am getting calls every day from Ultra- interested, ready to go prospects.


Talked to a guy in Denver yesterday. I live just around the corner from him in Boulder. He owns a flooring biz and says he wants ten devices right off the bat.


He also has a really awesome idea on how to use this for his business. And that's the whole point... there are so many applications for a device that sends a notification to any Android phone within 100 yards. Just think about it for a second, it's insane.


It really doesn't get much easier to promote a biz using it or pitching the concept to other people. You can see it hit people like a ton of bricks when the recognize the powerful simplicity of this type of marketing. And even if they don't immediately get it, it usually doesn't take more than a simple explanation on how a shop owner might use it to get most people on board with the concept.


Be aware that a demonstration of the notification hitting their phone would be the most powerful example you could give. As soon as I receive the device(s), I am almost positive the sales process will be that much easier.


The company has become so popular so quickly they are a little slow to actually ship.


However, a cool side benefit is that as soon as the devices are shipped they have also been activated and are programmable through the back office. So you can enter in your website and link and begin receiving traffic while the units are in transit to you!


The guy I joined with got 129 clicks in 3 days while waiting to receive his devices!!!


Here is a little splash page I made.



I plan to set up a replicated system in the coming weeks for anyone that joins me in Royaltie.


PM me if you have any questions!

Webinar Reveals how to be Coached<p>by a #1 Vendor/AffiliateWebinar Access
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