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The difference between a job and your own business.

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In a job, if there is a problem, it may not be your problem. Somebody else has to solve it. And who is that somebody else?


The business owner, of course. If the business owner doesn’t solve the problem, he or she is out of business.


We are in our own networking marketing business. We are responsible for solving our problems. It is this change of viewpoint that is hard for new distributors to master.


For instance, they might say, “Oh, the shipping is too expensive. I can’t build my business with these high shipping prices.”


And the new distributor stops working.


But what would the distributor do if he had the viewpoint of a business owner? He would figure out how to deal with the high cost of shipping or he would know he would be out of business.


With the viewpoint that he has to solve this problem, the distributor could do the following:


1. Only sell to people who could afford the shipping.


2. Find people who wanted the product so badly that the shipping didn’t matter.


3. Realize that there is no competition for his product, and that the shipping is not an issue.


4. Plan ahead and order in bulk so that the shipping would be less.


5. Figure out an alternate way of shipping, etc.


Are there obstacles in our business? Yes!


Business owners overcome obstacles. That is why they are the owner.


Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
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I like your point of view. I think this is just the main misunderstanding when people come online. They are no more employee and they should be well aware about it. I mean, when and if they can understand this, it changes all.
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A job is an occupation where you take orders from your Employer or superiors, work as per their instructions, get paid on a daily/ weekly or yearly basis at an agreed rate.


Business on the other hand is an occupation where you sell goods/ services and earn money by way of profits. You are your own master and people employed by you work under your instructions. You may or may not make profits and might also end up making losses.


When a job holder wants to start business it's basically because of a few reasons:


He hates to take orders


He is capable of taking risks


He wants to create an Empire for himself, however small. He wants to be his own master.


On the contrary, when a Business person wants to switch over to a job, his reasons are different:


He wants to get into the comfort zone of a fixed pay


He can't handle the dynamics, challenge and uncertainties of business


He has suffered huge loss and doesn't have the stamina to start all over again


He doesn't mind taking orders.

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