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How to get 300+ prospects willing to listen to you.

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Warning: This strategy will only work if you are a long-term player in network marketing.


Here is the strategy. Every day this year, talk with one person. Simply say:


“I just realized a year of my life went right by me. Nothing changed. I’m not going to waste another year of my life. What about you?”


Well, most people will let yet another year of their life go by.


On the same day in 2014, go to that person and say this:


“Hey, remember last year when we said we weren’t going to let another year of our life pass us by? Well, I got serious. Made some big changes. Glad I did. What about you?”


Now you have a prospect who just saw a year of his life wasted. This prospect is a bit more open-minded and wants to do something this year.


And you have 365 of these ready-to-go prospects to talk to.


All you have to do is keep a notebook of who you talked to and when. Then, one year from now you will have a great year with plenty of motivated prospects to talk to.


Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
Inrernet Marketing Professional



Waterstraat 59
8730 Beernem

Mobile: +32496292333
Phone: +3250791910
Skype: rudi.vanhaecke



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